Alouettes Huddle Party

I am planning on attending the Alouettes Huddle Party this Saturday a Maison Mercer with my father (visiting from MTL), & wife in Toronto.
I was curious if any other Als fans from this board is planning on attending this event
It would be nice to bump into any of my fellow board bloggers this weekend!

Yep my wife and I are planning to go. I'm going to be wearing a CFL on TSN hat I don't think anyone else has one as they are given out only to the players of the week

Kicking party last night! Cheerleader performances by Als cheerleaders, Calgary & Hamilton.
Players who attended, Shea Emry, Josh Bourke, John Bowman, and Brian Bratton.
Couldn't find Emry though for pictures.
It looked packed. :rockin: