Alouettes hoping...

Alouettes hoping rookies
can carry them to a win

Herb Zurkowsky, Canwest News Service
Published: Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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The Montreal Alouettes figure to have two rookies
starting in their defensive secondary

With injuries to cornerback Mark Estelle (shoulder)

and safety Matthieu Proulx (hamstring),

the Als figure to start import Chris Smith at safety

and either Paul Woldu or Rayshaun will start
at strong-side cornerback for veteran Davis Sanchez,
who moves to the weakside for [Mark]Estelle.

...The magnitude of Thursday night's game can't be overlooked.

The Als can't afford a fourth straight loss

with the reality of playing their next two on the road
against East Division opponents Winnipeg and Toronto.

Veteran linebacker Reggie Hunt called it
the most important game of the year,

while Trestman said it would be a mistake
to take the 1-4 Ticats lightly.

Never take the Tiger-Cats Lightly...they've shown that they have the skill and only have to bring it all together as a team.

On Any Given Day...

It would be a tough pill for the Als, should the Ticats win...after all we are expected to lose!

Me...I gotta believe! :wink:

This is Richie's big chance. He has the talent and the swagger, does he have the leadership ability? we'll see if he can put it all together tomorrow night, I believe he can do it, he's got some nice targets.

Two new guys in the Al's 2ndary? Hmmm, if Richie is ever going to light it up, here's his chance.

An Argo-Cat fan

If the O-line can't give Richie time, then it won't matter who is in the Montreal secondary.

And conversely, if no pressure is put on Calvillo, he'll kill us.

If our lines fail us, Montreal will destroy us.

If both lines play well, then Williams might have a chance at a victory.

Need to use that swing pass out to JL early and often. This will have the corner coming up fast and hard trying to make a play and then burn him deep cause the safety will be coming too!!

8) Coach Taaffe sure thinks a lot of Richie and apparently so do all his team mates, according to this mornings Spec.
 He is well respected and very popular in the dressing room.

Really, what else do you expect a fluff article to say?

They keep asking him for tickets to Hancock... :slight_smile: