Alouettes Head Coach in 2023

Je ne pense pas que le public attendrait ça de lui. Ce n'est pas le club de hockey.

Il y a 4 noms sur la liste : Danny Maciocia, Danny Maciocia, Danny Maciocia et Jason Maas. :smiling_imp:

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"« Ça pourrait être le cas, je ne sais pas… », a simplement répondu Pickett qui a été invité à donner son avis sur Thorpe.
« C'est un bon entraîneur, on se parle régulièrement à propos de ce qu'il voit et ressent », a dit Pickett qui pourra négocier ferme avec les Alouettes, ou un autre club, après son excellente saison.

Le sujet méritait d'être évoqué avec un autre joueur défensif pour tenter d'y voir plus clair et voici l'interprétation du maraudeur Marc-Antoine Dequoy.

« Ce n'est pas nouveau, on compose avec ça depuis que Noel Thorpe est l'entraîneur-chef », a réagi Dequoy sans s'apercevoir de son lapsus sur lequel on reviendra. "


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:smiley: Je pense plutot que ça sera Maciocia ou Bolduc. Mais on vera.

Old story, but Maciocia sure had the hots for Maas at one time. Almost creepy.

“I miss him. I care for him. I love him a lot,” Maciocia said Tuesday. ” I try to talk to him only once a week. There’s days where I think about him. I want to call and then I tell myself, ‘No, I just talked to him yesterday. Just don’t bother him.’ “

I don’t believe it’s a real possibility but

If this story is true, Vince Guzzo wanted Maciocia as GM & Constantin as HC, but Guzzo said Maciocia was against him.

Some interesting quotes:

Il affirme avoir « suggéré Noel Thorpe, [Paul] LaPolice, Ryan Dinwiddie, Tommy Condell et même Glen [Constantin] était dans la conversation ».

So those where the name he likes in 2019, are LaPolice and Condell still in his list ?

« À un moment donné, il commençait à m'imposer du monde sans qu'on en discute, déplore pour sa part Maciocia. »
« Il avait des idées fixes, voulait avoir certaines personnes en place et aussi contrôler les joueurs, ajoute Maciocia.

Funny, he does the same thing in the HC process


It's only bad when other people do it, not when he does it! LMAO

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I like him, but no cfl coaching experience...big jump between usports and the pros.

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Maciocia talks about building on the culture we have, but why do that if you're building on mediocrity? Don Matthews came here and immediately overhauled everything, resulting in a Grey Cup win in year 1 and trips to the Grey Cup in three of the four subsequent years (missing the fourth only because of a certain 2004 injury to Calvillo that forced a certain Ted White into the EDF).

Trestman came in and kept only Milanovich from the previous staff. Everyone else was new. No way he would have taken the job if Popp had insisted he keep Marcel F. Bellefeuille, Charlie Carpenter, and the rest of the 2007 staff.

This insistence on retaining existing staff is asinine. It should be the new head coach's sole decision without Danny breathing down his neck and "strongly encouraging" him to keep a white-haired mediocrity like Greg Quick, LMAO, or a guy like Lionello who has done exactly zero in this league.

It's like, either you are the head coach or you're not. If Maciocia wants to dictate staff that badly, let him formally become permanent HC so he can take all the heat that comes with it. This "I don't want to be HC but some players and coaches really want it and I'll force the next HC to keep the staff we have" is just controlling, self-serving garbage.

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If memory serves AC Calvillo was really belittled as a pro-level QB when he first surfaced in the U.S. division of the CFL. How did that turn out?
Never under-estimate AC Calvillo. . . .
He wasn't ready to be a CFL QB but look what he served up!
Now he's not quite ready to be a CFL Head Coach. Perfect time to hire him.
Best combo would be AC Calvillo as head coach and VP Football Ops and Ben Cahoon, Offensive Coordinator, Deputy VP Football Ops.
Eventually either AC or Cahoon moves into the GM spot.
Just don't know how embedded Cahoon is in US college ball.

Interesting idea, but I don't think Cahoon has any interest in coming north to coach. He was at his alma mater, BYU, as a coach for years before starting his own business, I think.

Any guesses on when we start resigning some of our players?

Hopefully next two weeks?

Peut-être posent-ils tous la question de savoir qui sera le prochain entraîneur-chef...


Maciocia was expected to begin requesting permission Friday from other organizations to interview coaches. It’s no secret Jason Maas, recently fired as Saskatchewan’s offensive coordinator, and Mark Kilam, Calgary’s special-teams coordinator, are on Maciocia’s radar. But Maciocia said he’d prefer to promote from within. That means defensive coordinator Noel Thorpe and assistant head coach André Bolduc could be the co-favourites.

If those are the 4 candidates, then in order my choice are:

Mark Kilam

Jason Maas
André Bolduc
Noel Thorpe

Maciocia: Really happy Mark that you came in for the interview, want to learn more about you and what you can do for the Alouettes.

Kilam: Really appreciate the opportunity to interview for this head coach opportunity. I feel I am definitely ready for it.

Maciocia: Before we start the interview, I just want to point out how happy I am with our assistant coaches and that no changes will be required there.

Kilam (into his phone): Air Canada, when is your next flight from Montreal to Calgary?


Good one, Sheldon!


Les Alouettes ont pas d'argent. Ils vont faire ça par Teams.