Alouettes Head Coach in 2023

I agree with Richard.
And it will have an effect on F/A. that are from outside Quebec. Even ones from Quebec have opted not to sign with the Canadiens in the past.

If someone has a problem working in a french speaking nation, well that is his problem. Maybe that person has cultural biases...


Once the Estate is convinced by Danny Maciocia and Mario Cecchini that Maciocia should stay on as the HC, Maciocia will then need to promote and/or hire multiple Assistant GM's. Do not know if the out-of-work guys like Brock Sunderland, Marcel Desjardins, and John Murphy (suspended by the league) have any relationship with Maciocia, but I would assume they all would be interested in such a position.

There is absolutely no way Maciocia is staying on as HC. And is there a link to where Cecchini said Maciocia is the best man for the job? I listened to the conference and did not hear that. Although the volume was terrible and not everything could be clearly heard.

I think that is what Danny Maciocia is trying for & wants it to happen. But whether or not it does, depends on the Estate.

Personally I think it would be the best option if it's really between Bolduc and Thorpe. I prefer Maciocia then Thorpe/Bolduc at we could maybe at least have competent manager helping DM.

I know that Danny and Ryan Rigmaiden knows each other, if we could bring him as AGM, I would be fine with DM coaching and if it's disaster, he's out for sure with maybe new estate in 2023 and I think his contract is ending next year.

Danny Maciocia has 2 more years on his contract. Him naming an assistant other than Noel Thorpe as HC would be awkward considering Thorpe is his best bud, lived in his basement during the season, and wants to be a HC.

From my post earlier which was taken from Herb’s article :

"Maciocia has said repeatedly his intention isn’t to return to the sideline. On Tuesday, however, he left the door open to possibly handling both portfolios.
I’m not prepared to do both jobs,” Maciocia said. “I’m more than convinced I don’t want to (be the head coach) moving forward. There are players and assistant coaches who would like me to continue doing this, as far as continuity’s concerned and how we ended the season. But I’m a firm believer this is a job for two people."

Richard, je pense que cet angle est complÚtement à cÎté de la plaque en ce qui concerne les Alouettes. Considérant le nombre de joueurs américains, il est impensable que cette loi puisse s'appliquer à eux en termes de langue de travail.

D'autre part, les droits à l'éducation en anglais n'ont pas été modifiés en ce qui concerne les exceptions prévues à la loi 101, exceptions dont bénéficieraient les enfants d'un tel entraßneur. Ce qui est en cause au niveau scolaire, c'est le choix de la langue du CEGEP pour les personnes qui n'ont pas bénéficié du droit à l'enseignement primaire et secondaire en anglais. En termes d'enseignement, c'est le seul point qui soulÚve controverse.

Si c'est pour cette raison inexacte qu'un entraßneur ne voudrait pas venir au Québec, que ce raciste reste chez lui. Autant qu'il clame que Trump s'est fait voler son élection présidentielle.


For what it is worth:

I listened to the Mario Langlois interview & Maciocia said he had to get a coaches interview budget from Stern - hotel, plane, etc.

So we know there will be at least one outside candidate. Probably Maas being one.

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Une autre fuite en avant?...

J’aime mieux Maas que Thorpe/Bolduc mĂȘme s’il est loin d’ĂȘtre le meilleur candidat disponible

Ce qui ne m'entiche pas de Maas, c'est qu'il n'a jamais fait un travail qui mĂ©ritait d'ĂȘtre soulignĂ© comme entraĂźneur-chef. Pour moi, ils se promĂšnent tous dans la mĂȘme catĂ©gorie.

Il a quand mĂȘme un fiche de 39-33 (542%) et 3-3 en sĂ©rie. Comme j’ai dit, c’est loin d’ĂȘtre mon candidat #1 (en fait il n’est mĂȘme pas dans ma liste) mais c’est mieux que 2 gars qui n’auront jamais une job d’entraĂźneur chef nulle part ailleurs

Effectivement, mais je ne crois pas que c'est lui qui mĂšnera l'Ă©quipe parmi les meilleures du circuit. Un autre entraĂźneur-chef en attendant un vrai entraĂźneur-chef.

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The Redblacks who are doing a much more thorough search, surprisingly do not have Buck Pierce on their list.

Neither is Jason Maas, for all those worried we might lose him to the Redblacks. :grinning:

And while they have Mark Washington, they do not have Noel Thorpe.

Ça peut expliquer en partie pourquoi Maciocia tient tant à signer Harris.

I don't think it will be Maas. If Maas becomes HC, he basically won't be able to pick his offensive staff -- how is that going to sit with him? I still think it'll be Bolduc.