Alouettes Head Coach in 2023

Don would have walked.

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Taken from an article by Chris Rosvoglou

"If things go well in the City of Brotherly Love over the next two months, it's possible Brady lands a promotion somewhere else in the offseason."

IMO, no chance Brady comes north.


LaPolice est un bon coordonnateur de l'attaque. C'est quand il devient entraineur-chef que ça se gâte. Mais Walch est une vue intéressante aussi. Ceci dit, je n'ai pas l'impression qu'il y aura un changement à ce niveau.

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Regardless of Maciocia's "four names," I think it's a two-horse race between Maciocia and Bolduc TBH. Middle managers both. Sigh.

Why would they think Bolduc's hiring makes the most sense, though? The man has never been a coordinator in this league but he's going to run a whole-ass team now? Who's going to respect his opinion? Is he going to be capable of making the necessary in-game adjustments to help us win? Can he run practices with tempo? Can he impose discipline? I can't see Bolduc doing any of these things well. Again, he's a middle manager.

Dyce would be a great candidate, but I would be shocked if he got serious consideration from Maciocia for the position.

Je suis tout à fait d'accord que Lapolice est un bon OC, je ne le vois juste pas vouloir venir ici :stuck_out_tongue: Ça risque fortement d'être AC effectivement.

Because he make more sense then Thorpe, that's the only reason. Experience as HC with Sherbrooke and with Montreal since 2015

During that time Ottawa is making a real research for their new HC


Maciocia is not even faking doing a proper head coach search. As I've said before, you interview those Calgary assistants if only to get some useful information.

Didn't he make a big deal of visiting Michigan State to get information?

  1. Vs Maciocia 4

It is a real possibility that not too many external candidates- out of Province of Québec- are interesting about coming to Montréal/Québec and, to me, it has nothing with Danny but more about recent changes to Bill 101, new Bill 96, protecting "La Langue Française". I am sure that younger coaches with children and from other provinces have no interest in coming to Québec where "La Langue de travail doit être le français".

The new Head Coach will be from Québec and residing in Québec and amongst the actual coaches, excluding Danny. As I wrote on a few occasions his name is André Bolduc.



I really don't think that's gonna be a reason.

I believe so a 100%. Even National players, except the ones from Québec, becoming free agents will be hesitant to come to Québec.


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It doesn't really change anything in the football operation, I don't understand how that can be a factor. It didn't change anything for the Canadiens by exemple

I definitely think the language bills will have a chilling effect on the Als attracting interest from outside Quebec. It may not be THE definitive factor, but it's there.

Thorpe has vastly more pro coaching experience than Bolduc, who has never been more than a position coach in the CFL (with maybe one year as "running game coordinator" a while back, I think?). His Sherbrooke experience means very little to me. College ball is not the same as the pros. We found that out the hard way with Dan Hawkins.

Anyway, I agree with Richard. I think despite all the talk about four candidates, they will give the job to Bolduc and then tell us they made the decision after a rigorous search. :roll_eyes:

Hawkins never coach Canadian football and wasn't an assistant coach in the CFL for 7 yrs and wasn't fired after 2 yrs in his past 2 teams like Thorpe. That being said, Bolduc would't be considered (Thorpe either) for any other HC job around the league so I agree that he should't be the guy.

That bill would't really affect a coach that his here for 6 months... At the limit, his kids could stay home during the school period even if it's doesn't change anything since they would be kid that there 1st language is English

No sane person would do that to his kids, man. Family matters, especially since these aren't million-dollar jobs and the attrition rate for head coaches is high.

I know all about Hawkins. But if you think Canadian college ball has any positive impact on Bolduc's qualifications, I would have to disagree. The other thing is that Bolduc is years removed from being a head coach. Hasn't done it since 2015. Anyway, we agree that he shouldn't be the guy, but the reality is that he probably will be the guy. And if he becomes HC, then I'd bet money that AC returns as permanent OC and QB coach.

As for Thorpe, coaches are hired to be fired. I'm not saying I even want him as head coach but he's got the qualifications and on the whole, he did a good job with the defensive unit this year.

The laws might be a factor for coaches/players taking up permanent residence in Quebec. But that is not the case with most coaches/players who return home in the off-season. Khari a perfect example.

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It happen often that a wife of a coach stay with the family at home and where talking for a period of 3 months not a whole year. That being said, their kids still could go to school in English in a private school without problem.

Yes sadly it"s smell Bolduc HC with Calvillo OC and Thorpe DC... probably the worst coaching staff in the league. If I'm Geno Lewis and that's the staff they assemble, I'm 100 % gone.

I actually don't mind AC and Thorpe coming back. Both will have a chance to modify and improve their respective playbooks with the benefit of a full training camp, and they'll be able to assess where they need help personnel-wise. Leaving aside the defensive collapse in the EDF, Thorpe's unit was pretty solid all year long despite not having a great interior pass rush, a real middle linebacker, or a strong cover corner. He made lemonade out of lemons. I liked the commitment to running that AC developed in the back half of the season. He needs to improve as a red-zone playcaller, and the routes need extensions and modifications, but he would have the offseason and camp to work on his playbook. And Geno has a very productive year in AC's offense. If Harris comes back, that's an incentive for all the receivers, I would think.

The problem, for me, is replacing one middle manager (Maciocia) with another (Bolduc) at head coach. Neither man is going to be the positive difference for you in a tight game. At best, they do no harm, but a head coach whose primary quality is "does no harm" is basically a useless asset. It means we're effectively coaching a man down at the best of times.