Alouettes Head Coach in 2023

And going to work with Nick Sirianni, his OC in Indy.

Sad because he already know very well most of our coaching staff, even if the chance where always low that it was happening.

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Let's hope he make the same type of decision that when they hire the STC last offseason and they really went with the best available

Good news!

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You spoiled Eagles fans. :grinning:

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Guess Belichik did not want him :wink:

He can use some help on offense. They've been winning with great defense & special teams, but not sustainable unless the offense improves.

Mais là où il a été le plus insistant, c'est à propos de la composition du groupe d'adjoints. Que le candidat retenu provienne de l'interne ou de l'externe, il ne disposera pas d'une carte blanche pour s'entourer de ses hommes.

*« Même si on embauche un entraîneur-chef à l'externe, ce sera fortement suggéré qu'on garde le statu quo. Des gens disent que tu ne peux pas imposer des adjoints à un entraîneur-chef, mais c'est complètement faux! », a indiqué Maciocia avec conviction. *

« Tu peux garder ton noyau et le candidat retenu peut ajouter un élément ou deux. Je le dis en toute transparence, on va garder le noyau en place. Pour nous, c'est très important. Je ne peux pas dire que ce sera tout le monde, mais je le souhaite », a enchaîné Maciocia.

« La chose importante, c'est de mettre cartes sur table pour savoir si cette personne est prête à accepter une telle situation. Pour moi, ce sera une priorité et j'en ai parlé avec Mario (Cecchini, le président). Pour nous, certaines choses ne sont pas négociables », a cerné le DG.

This is so depressing. They are openly going to "strongly suggest" keeping the status quo to the new head coach as far as staff goes. :roll_eyes:

IMO the next head coach of this team is going to be Andre Bolduc, Noel Thorpe, or Danny Maciocia. If we hire a good external candidate who is willing to have his staff chosen for him, I'll be very surprised.

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Personally, I can't imagine a legit/qualified HC candidate who is willing to have his staff chosen for him.


Can you imagine Jim Popp trying to impose a staff on Don Matthews? Don would have eviscerated him with a single stare. :smiley:

The whole thing is a joke, this is the kind of stuff you see in Usports.

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I detest the sly, cowardly dishonesty most of all. Before Khari was fired, Maciocia was on record saying he wouldn't be on the sidelines again. Then KJ gets fired and suddenly ... Maciocia is on the sidelines again. We've heard for months how Maciocia doesn't want to be permanent HC and that it's a job for two people. Now suddenly Zecch thinks Maciocia is the best candidate for the job and Maciocia is telling the media unspecified players and coaches want him back. Who does this kind of greasy self-promotion?

What Maciocia has proven in the past year is that you cannot trust a single thing that comes out of his mouth, because he will say one thing to look good one day and then the complete opposite the next, if it suits him. It looks to me like he wants to be permanent HC but also wants the optics to flatter him -- he wants to appear to be the unwilling, put-upon GM reluctantly becoming HC because everyone adores him. LMAO. What a sad little man.

He'd better hope his stupid cloak-and-dagger games pan out, because if they don't, he'll be fired within 1-2 years and that will be it for his CFL tenure.

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I agree. I supect Maciocia will turn up in Quebec City if it gets a CFL franchise

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I'd hope that if QC ever gets a CFL franchise, the owner has more sense than to hire Maciocia. But owners frequently lack sense of any kind, common or otherwise.

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Pour ma part, au poste de coordonnateur à l'attaque, j'aimerais mieux avoir Paul LaPolice que Calvillo.


Je dirais pas non à Carson Walch non plus qui a fait une très bonne job comme OC avec Edmonton. Son départ avait vraiment paru quand Maas était devenu le play caller.

Je ne vois vraiment pas Paul LaPolice vouloir venir ici

Oui, et d'autres ont été trouvés par Popp, mais pas sans l'assentiment de Trestman.

I just listen Didier Orméjuste podcast with JP Bolduc (ex RedBlacks player) and they talk about the next HC. Here some quotes

  • Didier heard that Anthony Calvillo won't be the next HC and he's not on the list.
  • Both Didier and Bolduc (who played for Thorpe) reject the candidature of Thorpe. Bolduc was saying that Thorpe wasn't able to get a 2nd contract in his last 2 jobs and it would't make sense
  • Andre Bolduc is probably the candidate that make the most sense
  • JP Bolduc said that they are tendency with young coach like McVay but he doesn't think it's a good idea for Byron to accept the job right know, probably to green.
  • Jason Maas was talk about but they said that he wasn't that good with Saskatchewan and that he's an ok Coordinator not great, it would be wishful thanking. Didier said that everyone he spoke at Regina said that it would't be a good idea to bring Maas as HC.
  • JP Bolduc would like Bob Dyce if he's not the candidate for Ottawa. Said that he's a lot respected and players love him. Didier said that he hear around the league how much he's a good leader
  • Didier said that the fact that new HC won't have the possibility to bring his own guys will limit the candidate interest. Bolduc said that it's not really a good idea to impose his assistant to a new HC. He said that he was impose a HC when he arrived and he quickly fire him, so why would he impose assistant to his own HC.

But if it's an internal hire like Thorpe or Bolduc, they would have worked with the other assistants, so not really being imposed on them.

If an outsider, yes, but it likely won't be an outsider.

At this point, I almost want them to go with Byron Archambault if they really want to say intern even if he's green. He's the only one I really see with a potential as HC. Bolduc and Thorpe would't even be consider by any other team if they where looking for a new HC.

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I still like Bolduc, don't think Archambault quite ready, and Thorpe just does not seem to be a polished guy.

The team won games with Maciocia, so the talent and the assistant coaches have a lot to do with a team's success. And Bolduc looks to be a player's coach, the way I see him handling the RBs.

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