Alouettes Head Coach in 2023

Who would be your #1 candidate for the HC job next year ?

And who do you think they will name ?

Here is a list of guys I would interview:

Scott Milanovich (QB coach with Indianapolis Colts)
Marcus Brady * (OC with Indianapolis Colts)
Scott Flory (HC of the Huskies of Saskatchewan in USport)
Buck Pierce (OC + QB Coach with the Blue Bombers)
Jordan Maksymic (OC with the BC Lions)
Mark Kilam (STC with Calgary)
Ted White (QB Coach + Offensive Assistant with Houston Texans)
Jason Maas (OC with Saskatchewan)

*Don't think he will want the job

At the end of the day though, I think Jason Maas will be our HC next year

I don't think I have a #1 candidate, but here are some people I'd put on the long list for the job:

Mark Trestman
Scott Milanovich
Marcus Brady
Mark Washington
Noel Thorpe
Buck Pierce
Pat DelMonaco (Calgary's current OC)
Brent Monson (Calgary's current DC)

Probably missing a few names.

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Where is Ted White right now?

Not sure about Maas personally, but he'll definitely be in the mix, given his relationship with Maciocia.

Maas would't be my choice either, but I think he's gonna be Danny one.

Ted White is actually QB coach and Offensive assistant with the Houston Texans

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I have to admit it takes me a few seconds to shake off the negative associations with Ted White, based on the 2004 EDF which we should have won by rights, after a strong 14-4 season, and only lost because Calvillo got injured and White couldn't get the job done. :smiley:

Also, does he have any coordinator experience? Going from QB coach to head coach is a big jump.

I was to young to remember him as player to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:

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I believe ol' Ted was the second-worst QB ever to put on an Als' uniform, second only to Bubba Marriott.

But, playing and coaching are two different things. Maybe he'd prove the old saw about "those who can, do; those who can't, teach".

One silver lining anyway, if he hired him, at least our GM might not be accused of being a racist.

Personally, not having any idea if either would be interested, Marcus Brady and Buck Pierce would be my first two choices.

Yes in the NCAA, he was an Offensive coordinator

I didn't saw him play like I said in an other post, but he got an interesting CV as coach. Would't be my 1st choice for sure but I would at least interview him

Brady would be #1 choice if he's interested and Pierce would be extremely high on my list

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We think alike.

And count yourself lucky you never saw him play, LOL

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Hmm. College only, huh? Personally it would be too big a jump for me. Much rather get someone like Pierce, Brady, or Trestman, but of course, we have to work with who's interested in the position.

Please let it not be some American coach with zero familiarity with the Canadian game. We already tried with Hawkins and Sherman and neither was a success.

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At the same time, Marcus wasn't that great either.

At least White have familiarity with the Canadian football. That's why I put him on the list but didn't know how awful he was as a player haha. I wanted other candidates that where not in the CFL

I think it's just Als fan trauma from a certain generation. :smiley: If White were the best person for the job, I wouldn't really care about his unimpressive performance as a QB. And you're right that he at least knows the Canadian game.


If Hamilton fired Orlondo Steinauer, he would be high on my list too.

off the top of my head CFL coaches out of work and would be great

Marv Levy ...

Bud Grant ....

Mike Riley. ,,


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I like the Scott Flory suggestion - Sask. Huskies HC since 2017. Mark Kilam is another guy I like.

But cynical me expects it to be Noel Thorpe. Maciocia is too insecure to roam too far from his comfort zone. Jason Maas would therefore be the other possibility.

I wonder what kind of say "The Estate" will have in the HC selection.

And I highly doubt anyone working in the NFL these days would consider our poor little CFL.

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I would pass on Steinauer. He has mismanaged their QB situation and made some really weird decisions this year. JMO though.

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Flory is doing an awesome job with the Sask Huskies. They even made it to the Vanier Cup last year.

I think that if Thorpe was the guy Maciocia wanted, he would have him the interim HC job to at least see what he can do.

I do expect more clarity on The Estate and the team at the end of the season

I do agree for this season, but his record in the first 2 seasons is really interesting. Maybe, the president of Football Op is to much for him.

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Per Wikipedia

|2006–2008|Texas Southern (QB/WR)|
|2010|Southern (OC/QB)|
|2011–2016|Howard (AHC/OC/QB)|
|2016–2018|Arkansas-Pine Bluff (AHC/OC/QB)|
|2018–2019|Prairie View A&M (OC/QB)|
|2020|DC Defenders (QB)|
|(2022–present)|Houston Texans (OA/QB)|

Apparently he was the interim HC while t Pine Bluff in 2017 after the university decided to replace Monte Coleman ... so NO, nothing extensive

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I like Scott Flory ... as HC with U-Sask he is 15-7 in the last three seasons ... he knows the city and he KNOWS the CFL game.