Alouettes get airtime on "30 Rock"

The Alouettes and Coach Marc Trestman got a little airtime on NBC's comedy "30 Rock". Nice to see that 2-time defending Grey Cup Champs get props from Hollywood.

and the clip from YouTube.

...Jane K. has full permission to redecorate my dressing room...(except from Mrs. R&W, shhhhhhh)...

Tsk tsk. Never touch a man's sports stuff. :wink:

That was awesome! That's the second Canadian football refrence IIR. Probably helps that the monday night has kissed al's a$$ on occasion so that brings some awareness. It's no secret some NFL teams have expressed interest in hiring trestman. But so far the right job hasn't come along. Anyways, that was funny!


I also saw an Alouettes Grey Cup ring in the display case on Pawn Stars. Looks like some unlucky Alouette got desperate in Vegas... Diamond Ferri, I'm looking in your direction... :wink:

Off-topic: that is a 2002 ring...speculation is it Lawrence Phillips...

Back to 30 Rock....still pretty cool to see MY team somewhat involved in the show.... :slight_smile:

That's awesome, although American pronunciation of Montreal always irks me a little. It's "Mun-treal", not "Mawn-treal". :slight_smile:

Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but while we're on the subject of Hollywood recognizing Montreal and Canada, the great actor Paul Giamatti just paid a wonderful tribute to the city and our country at last Sunday's Golden Globe Awards.

He's always been one of my favourite actors (if you haven't seen "Sideways," I HIGHLY recommend it), but even more so after this (you can forward this to the 2:00 mark)

Am I the only one who finds it just a little odd that an Alouette fan would sign up for this site now and his/her first posting is about some mddlin' US sitcom?

Typical MadJack...showing his love for a fellow Alouettes fans !

Hmm, odd how? Just because I was a lurker and not a poster? I hope you don't treat all "newbies" like this. :roll:

They can be hard on newbies here, just stick with it. Just don't let the rider fans get to you. I'm always happy to have new posters. Congrads on your second grey cup in a row. If the stamps don't win next year, I hope it's you guys.

You are the only one.

I guess it never occured to him that maybe reppact posted it on another Als form.....Such as goalsgo and someone there suggested that they post it here

Thats pretty cool.. At least it does not appear to be a slam against Canada which most american shows do.

Dont worry about it... we were all newbies once.. and some people just like to

Oh good heaven’s no, reppact, not that at all, I apologize for the misunderstanding, mea culpa.

All Als’ fans, new or old, are more than welcome here ! I was i think trying to direct my remark more at a US TV show and not you personally, and I didn’t word it very well, so again I apologize. . . and welcome aboard !

No worries MadJack.

All is good.

That was cool of him. I saw Sideways. It wasn't bad.

Haha that's pretty cool.
"Monn-tre-all" :lol: