Alouettes Fumble For First Loss

This was an exciting typical CFL game with Niagara Falls native Sandro DeAngeles kicking the winning field goal on the last play of the game.Both teams played well with good quarterbacking.Calvillo played his best game of the year with crisp passing complemented by good receiving efforts by Thyron Anderson who is beginning to demonstrate that he is back in form after a lackluster couple of games and Terrance Edwards making his first start.Ben Cahoon made his share of completions in a losing cause.It appears Stala has lost his starting role but as his body heals we will see him revert to form.Sylvan Girard is again out with an injury.Perhaps he has lost his speed as the only completions he has had this season are Cavillo's long outside but short passes.The Als first draft pick of this year was Eric Deslauiers who has played well as a receiver and has excellent college stats.Unless the NFL grabs him he will likely replace Girard as wide receiver next year.Jeremy Copeland demonstrated tonight that he puts his money where his mouth is with his skill as a long receiver.The Als have not replaced Copeland although Watkins showed some speed tonight.The Als were due for a loss and they fumbled into this one.Calgary is an excellent team and Burris,after his usual slow start,is now finding his form.

Agree. Montreal did not play bad at all. Both teams came out to play. Montreal made costly mistakes, and Calgary is not the team to take them. They took advantage of it.

Just one question though, isn't it a Major FOul if you GRAB the facemask? And a minor penalty if you touch the facemask? I disagree with the call on Cobourne, I don't think it should of been a 15 yard penalty, I believe it should of been a 5 yarder...

I don’t really agree here, Calvillo came out to play and he was amazing, but the rest of the offense has yet to wake up.

And I am pretty sure that the penalty should have been a 5 yard as well, he barely touched it, but it was not the only facemask that was badly called, copeland pushed kent right in the facemask right before catching his TD pass, but again, we all know how the officiating is this year.

Still, it was an entertaining game, and I’m looking forward to montreal in two weeks.

It was a great game, a typical western type shootout involving the best team in the league.
In hignsite, one could say how AC should have played for overtime and instead ran out the clock. But, I agree with the throw on the first down, but not necessarily the long bomb which didn't eat away the clock. Still, I agree trying to win in reg time.

Well keep in mind AC didnt have to get into field goal range!
Only single range!

Certainly that is the style of The Don who is on the edge and rarely does it by the book.
Was it last year in BC he went for two points on the last play of the game to win, instead of kicking the point after to go into overime.
I like his style.

Your not far off but I think you are not crediting the Calgary defense much. Teams do not go out and give the ball away usually it is caused by the defense. But I agree they are finally getting it done.

anyone still think that Canadian kickers are weak? D's two 52 and 53 FGs are about the same as a FG from the 40+ yard in the NFL, which most NFL kicker can't make.

You can like the Don or not, but you can’t argue he adds a lot to the entertainment.

I just love that he re-signed for three years !

What are you talking about, a 50 yarder in the CFL is exactly the same in the NFL, the difference is that the goal post are in the back of the end zone in the NFL. Last season in the NFL, the longest field goal was a 56 yarder, with many kicker in the NFL not even kicking anything over 50 yards.

No such thing as a 5 yard facemask in CFL only NFL. Its 15 or nothing.

56 yards from the 46, am I right?

Man, it bugs me that the game Calvillo finally breaks loose and passes for 380 yards, the rest of the offense can’t hold onto the frickin ball! Minus those fumbles, we win the game. Period.

That being said, I respect Calgary for capitalizing on our mistakes and pulling out the victory. I still think B.C. is the better team in the west, but Calgary is for real, all right.

Exactly, but it doesn't matter really, because 50 yards is 50 yards, regardless of how the football field is. So if you look at kickers like Deangelis, Duval or Westwood, they can make a 56 yarder, hell, Paul McCallum even kicked a 62 yarder in 2001.

[quote="Hostile" ...hell, Paul McCallum even kicked a 62 yarder in 2001.
Yup. He also missed on an 18 yarder in November 2004... :wink:

KK....they usually kick 7 yards back from the line of if the los is the 40, the field goal attempt is 47 yards, in the CFL that is.

:lol: True dat, but then again, short field goals can be pretty hard, because they put you in a crazy angle too, so it depends.