Alouettes Free Agents

I’m sure the league will release the official list shortly, but based on the contracts registered yesterday on the CFL Transactions website, these would appear to be the Als free agents:

+Chris Ackie
+Mario Alford
Bo Banner
Woody Baron
+Martin Bedard
Ryan Brown
+Ciante Evans
Felix Faubert-Lussier
+Fabion Foote
Sean Jamieson
Jeremiah Johnson
Tyler Johnstone
Gabriel Knapton
Paul Kozachuck
+DJ Lalama
+Patrick Levels
+Eugene Lewis
Glen Love
Chris Matthews
+Kristian Matte
Spencer Moore
Frederic Plesius
+Greg Reid
Landon Rice
+Trey Rutherford
Shakir Ryan
+William Stanback
Ryder Stone
Dominique Termensen

Quite a list, but par for the course around the league with the 1 yr. contracts.

Lots of work ahead for the new GM to get the more prominent players signed before the Feb. 15 start of free agency. I’ve indicated those with +. And Stanback and Levels will be trying the NFL.

Great info and I think that now that Khari has been inked to a 3 year deal alot of the players will be more inclined to stay with the Als over relocating.

Agree … but they need to pick a GM or give Jones and Mack free reign to re-sign players … ideally using any leftover cap space from this season for extensions pre-end of fiscal year.

Kavis Reed avait tout de même été capable d’utiliser le marché des joueurs autonomes pour aller chercher de bons éléments, mais le prix à payer est qu’à un moment ou à un autre, un gros bassin de notre talent se retrouve sur le marché en même temps. C’est ce qui semble arriver et je vois beaucoup de noms importants.

Je ne connais pas la marge de manœuvre financière des Alouettes, mais il est plus qu’impératif de signer un directeur général. Non seulement il doit être prêt pour l’ouverture des marchés en février, mais il doit aussi pouvoir renouveler un maximum de contrats d’ici là.

The list is available on Hamilton site. Based on that list the following players are not included:

Tyler Johnstone N OL
Najee Murray A DB
Greg Reid A DB
Trey Rutherford N OL

If correct, I am quite happy that Reid and Rutherford are not potential free agents.


The list is now available on CFL site . Najee Murray is on that list.

No Reid and no Rutherford. Great!


I am also very happy no Reid or Rutherford. As for Johnstone, fingers crossed that he can resolve his knee issues.

when did they re-up Tommy Campbell?

I think his job may be in jeopardy. No longer a top cover guy. Lost a step or two.

Okie has a good handle or source for deep stats but I think Campbell went from very few targets to quite high. Maybe he can confirm or not.

A CB Tommie Campbell was signed to a two-year extension on September 20,2018.