Alouettes Free Agency

Thomas-Erlington always seemed to play well against the Als, but at a soon to be 32 & not always healthy recently, not sure how much he has left in the tank.

Awhile back I speculated if the Als might consider going National at RB with Antwi & STE, but that is likely not going to be case, so depth not really required.

We could have used him 3-4 seasons ago.

I’ll grade the signing a C- :grinning:


J’ai hâte d’avoir les confirmations des Alouettes de la signature des contrats suite aux trois (3) ententes de principe de la semaine dernière.

Tevin Jones official: Wide receiver Tevin Jones headed to Montreal -

(And Berglund too; mentioned later in the article)


Bienvenue avec les Alouettes et meilleurs vœux de succès.
Il ne manque que la confirmation de la signature de D. Wiggan, suite aux trois (3) ententes de la semaine dernière.

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Now that Betts is officially gone, Maciocia’s strategy – making a pro forma offer to Betts but not pursuing it too hard – looks great. We were never going to get him anyway. But with Berglund and (presumably) Wiggan in the fold, we have improved our D-line considerably and without breaking the bank. And in the case of Wiggan for Sewell, gotten younger too.

Est-ce que la décision de Ricky Walker de ne pas signer avec Calgary, malgré une entente de principe la semaine dernière, peut inciter ce club à bonifier son offre de contrat pour D. Wiggan?

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Maybe. It’s possible. Let’s hope that Wiggan signing is announced shortly!

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Joey says that it’s official for Wiggan


Les Alouettes ont répondu à ta demande.

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I love seeing these quality Canadian signings. Also love that we are committed to starting a Canadian on the defensive line.

I’m excited to see how Berglund and Wiggan and the new American faces improve our pass rush.


Excellentes nouvelles pour le talent canadien des Alouettes.

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If that’s it for the FA,

I’m gonna give the Alouettes:

C+ for the FA

  • Add some talent on the Canadian side
  • Prefer to sign some 30 yrs and - players except if they are elite player
  • Most are depth players

B+ for the offseason in general

  • They have re-sign every important FA
  • Let go Stanback and Sewell for younger player
  • Improve the football ops
  • I would have like to improve the Oline and not keep the same one
  • Lost our premier playmaker and not replace it

You can’t grade Maciocia on losing Mack (or Uguak) to the NFL. That’s just a circumstance that the team has to adjust to. Nothing they could have done to stop it.


#14 Tevin Jones A. receveur de passe
#31 Sean Thomas Erlington N. demi offensif
#91 Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund N ailier défensif
#97 Derek Wiggan N plaqueur défensif

Go Alouettes 2024

And I wouldn’t have grade him at B+ if that really impact my grade I give him

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Au niveau de la cote C+ pour les agents libres, je considère qu’elle est faible puisqu’elle devrait tenir compte du travail fait pour signer et conserver nos agents libres potentiels, avant le 13/02.

Je lui accorderais une note de A- avec treize (13 ) signatures des agents libres potentiels des Alouettes et 4 agents libres de d’autres équipes et la perte à date d’un seul joueur de J. Harty comme agent libre potentiel.

Je les considère dans la catégorie Off-season.

La première catégorie était pour les nouvelles acquisitions

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I can’t really rate free agency moves, since all of this is relative to each team’s needs, available cap space, and player interest in signing in Montreal. We don’t know who else our GM was pursuing and why they chose elsewhere.

I am happy with what Maciocia has done. Losing two playmakers like Mack and Uguak hurts a lot, but he’s done his best to fill those gaps.

Last year, was our free agency a “success” from a grade standpoint? Probably not. But once the season started and we saw guys like Mack and Snead and Stubblefield and Ento make an impact, we saw the fruits of good U.S. scouting. So really, I am looking forward to seeing the new American players in camp. I want to see who breaks out and impresses the coaches and maybe forces them to give him a job when they weren’t expecting it.

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I get the sense that there are several free agents across the league that have placed a higher value on themselves than the market will bear. They will have to come down in their demands if they expect to be signed.

Are the Als interested in any of these players and do they have cap room to sign them?

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Je comprends ta répartition mais avec les montants dépensés pour payer les salaires des agents libres potentiels, il y avait moins d’argent disponible pour le 13/02, c’est pour cela que je considère cela comne un tout.

Mais les deux approches sont bonnes mais avec une vision différente.