Alouettes Free Agency

Suggestion intéressante, ils ont travaillé ensemble comme entraîneurs à Calgary.

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An MOP year doesn’t happen because of one player. They had a stacked team last year and they still couldn’t even get to the Grey Cup game. They have lost a ton of valuable players and their star defensive coordinator. Just Ouelette’s departure is going to make their offence less effective no matter who they sign to replace him.

As I said, they will be a good team, they might even win the division. But they won’t go 16-2 and nothing is guaranteed. The division as a whole is going to be a lot better this year.

Edit: I honestly couldn’t care less about pre-CFL pedigree. If you follow three-down football long enough, you see tons of guys arrive with gaudy credentials, and most of them flame out and do nothing. Still up to Kelly to show he’s not another Casey Printers.


Of course not, that was far from being the point. I’m just saying that they will still be a good football team

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I think it will be a four way fight.

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Agree every team could come down with the division this year and I think there will not be a big difference between each team


Toronto and Montreal overachieved while Hamilton and Ottawa underachieved. The teams were closer than the standings indicate.


Agreed, but in 2024 HAM and OTT have huge question marks.

IF BLM can regain his form under Milanovich, Hamilton will be a force to reckon with. But if he plays like he did in 2023, I can’t see Hamilton doing much better than 8-10, especially since their roster turnover appears to be very high (at least right now – free agency might change).

Ottawa is pinning their hope on Dru Brown and Tommy Condell. Could work out well for them but Brown is still unproven. This is a make-or-break year for Dyce and possibly Burke. If the team misses the playoffs again, heads are going to roll.

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Those two teams are rebuilding but they are run by quality people. They will improve. I also think there will be more QB movement before the beginning of the season.

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Where will there be “QB movement before the beginning of the season” HfxTC. Anxious to know!

I definitely don’t expect movement amongst number 1 QBs, unless injuries occur in training camps. Yes, there could be movements amongst number 2 and 3 QBs, but not number 1.



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À moins de 24 heures du début (13/02 à 12h) de la période des agents libre de la CFL, voici la liste des agents libres potentiels des Alouettes, incluant les joueurs qui étaient sur l’équipe de pratique et qui sont déjà agents libres.

Centre-arrière: j. Tuck N.
Receveurs: G. Ellingson A.
j. Harty N
K. Kaya G. , équipe de pratique.
Ligne offensive: L. Rice N.
Ligne défensive: V. Desjardins N.
Secondeurs: A. Williams A
M.Malano N, équipe de pratique
Demis défensifs: C. Evans A
L. Nafees A
K. Durden A équipe de pratique
Spécialiste: R.Byrns G. équipe de pratique.
Est-ce que les Alouettes signeront un ou plusieurs des huit (8) agent(s) libre(s) potentiel(s) d’ici midi, mardi le 13/02?

You answered your own question Richard.

Les incontournables :

-EVANS Ciante
-GAGNE Alexandre
-LEMON Shawn
-SANKEY Darnell
-STANBACK William (à condition d’une importe réduction de son salaire)

Les peut-être :

-ANTWI Jeshrun
-CHAGNON Frederic
-ELLIS Avery
-RICE Landon

Les sacrifiables :

-GAGNON Philippe
-LYON Nafees

Les ne sais pas :

-BROWN David
-MATTE Kristian (j’espère qu’il prendra sa retraite)
-TUCK James (le rôle de centre-arrière est très ingrat et difficile à juger)

Beaucoup de joueurs ayant potentiellement pu tester le marché des joueurs autonomes sont finalement restés. Malgré quelques coquilles comme le possible départ de Ciante Evans ou le retour de Philippe Gagnon dont je suis dubitatif, nous sommes quand même en bonne position. La majorité des joueurs incontournables sont de retour, surtout Sankey, et beaucoup de joueurs de qualité ont aussi prolongé jusqu’en 2026.


Brown has retired and become our offensive assistant coach.

Gagnon and Matte are back. Stanback is gone to BC. I think your list is a bit out of date.

He’s revisiting a post he wrote in November. Would have admittedly been clearer if he had quoted it.


Je crois qu’Evans va être bien remplacé par un des nouveaux joueurs recrutés. Beaucoup de candidats intéressants

J’aurais aussi laissé partir Gagnon par contre

He might still be if he gets beaten out in training camp by any of the youngsters, draft picks or potential depth OL signings.

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We remember his Grey Cup whiff, but apparently Gagnon didn’t do too badly as a pass blocker in his small sample size replacing Lestage.


(Grades are based on offensive linemen who played a minimum of 100 pass blocking snaps)

1 David Beard (HAM) 674 21 3.1 79.8
2 Dejon Allen (TOR) 458 11 2.4 79.5
3 Philipe Gagnon (MTL) 118 2 1.7 78.3
4 Peter Godber (SSK) 583 11 1.9 77.8
5 Darius Ciraco (TOR) 463 17 3.7 77.5
6 Pier-Olivier Lestage (MTL) 552 17 3.1 76.9
7 Brandon Revenberg (HAM) 674 22 3.3 74.6
8 Brett Boyko (EDM) 419 18 4.3 73.0
9 Jamar McGloster (MTL) 306 14 4.6 72.8
10 Jermarcus Hardrick (WPG) 612 28 4.5 72.0

*sacks + hits + hurries
**QB pressures allowed/pass blocking snaps

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Well, he had something like 300-400 fewer pass-blocking snaps than anyone else on that list, so I’d take that ranking with a grain of salt, but yes, he was solid in relief of Lestage at the end of the season. I wasn’t wild about him coming back but I admit he’s solid as a backup.

Edit: Would be curious to see how Gagnon graded out run-blocking. My sense is that he was far less effective on that front than Lestage, but hey, that’s why Lestage is the starter and he’s the backup.


Les joueurs qui sont de retour sont en caractère gras.


Jacob Mason no doubt can be more useful especially on Special Teams then Tuck was last season