Alouettes Free Agency

Sur le site de la CFL, un article de M. Ferguson:

« Pending free agents on every team’s priority list ».

B.C. M, Betts
Edmonton: L. Purifoy
Calgary: M. Awe
Winnipeg: B. Oliveira
Saskatchewan: Shawn Bane Jr.
Hamilton: T. White
Toronto: W.McManis
Ottawa: B, Dandridge
Montréal: T.Beverette

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Interesting that the newbie makes a few posts and then vanishes, declining to defend his position. Maybe he comes from the “it’s my opinion and don’t you dare question it” school.


Senecal draft year is in 2025

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Je suis d’accord pour le retour de W. Stanback qui est un demi offensif dominant lorsqu’il est en santé.

La question quelle est la valeur salariale de W. Stanback en 2024, je crois qu’il devrait être payé parmi les meilleurs et non le meilleur comme en 2023 à cause de l’émergence entre autres de B. Oliveira.

Pour assurer un succès optimal de W. Stanback, le retour de A. Bolduc comme coach, serait l’idéal.

Thanks for the correction .

En date du 4 décembre 2023, la liste potentielle des agents libres comprend 268 joueurs. La seule signature est celle de T. Stevens de Calgary selon la liste initiale fournie par la CFL.
Sur les 268 joueurs disponibles:
A: 145. 54.1%
N: 117. 43.7%
G: 6. 2.2%
Voici la répartition de ses joueurs, par équipe et division:
Division Est:
Toronto (16-2)……17-A…. 14-N….1-G: Total: 32
Montréal (11-7)….11-A….12N: Total: 23
Hamilton (8-10)….17A…… 19N……1G: Total: 37
Ottawa (4-14)………20A……12N……1G: Total: 33
Division Ouest
Winnipeg (14-4)….19A……16N……1G: Total: 36
B.C. (12-6)……14A…….6N……2G: Total: 22
Calgary(6-12) ….19A……17N: Total: 36
Saskatchewan (6-12)…19A….12N: Total: 31
Edmonton (4-14)…9A….9N: Total: 18
Pour les Alouettes, j’espère que nous connaîtrons prochainement les premières signatures dans un contexte complètement différent de l’année dernière: propriétaire stable, équipe d’entraîneurs déjà en place, un groupe de joueurs unis et surtout la conquête de la Coupe Grey.

Found this article from Feb 11 that might provide an indication of how much money Sankey will ask for.

According to team sources, the pending free agent turned down a contract offer worth approximately $160,000 which would have made him the second highest-paid American linebacker in the CFL.

After leading the league in tackles each of the past two seasons, Sankey is seeking a deal higher than that of two-time Most Outstanding Defensive Player Adam Bighill. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ linebacker is expected to earn $165,000 in hard money next season.

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Different situation now vs last year with the Riders. Winning the cup, the organization, may play a factor.

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He won a championship in the XFL and that didn’t prevent him from leaving. It was reported that he joined Montreal because they outbid other teams. Also, I remember watching an interview he gave after winning the cup where he was asked if he wanted to come back, and he sounded pretty hesitant instead of just saying “of course I do.”

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Guess we will have to wait and see.


I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he wants to return to what should be a good situation for him.

But if he is just a mercenary then it will be no great loss.

I don’t blame him for wanting to get paid more than Bighill. You have a very limited window of time to make that money as a player and Sankey has been full value and more this year.


Mercenaries can still be important pieces of a team … given the impact he had, Stankey would be a big loss.


But if you have to overpay him, then there might not be enough for a Lemon or Beverette. If he is a team player he will accept a fair rather than exaggerated offer.

And as we saw with Geno Lewis, no one is irreplaceable.

In any case let us see how it all plays out instead of extreme speculating.

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Mercenary or not, I expect he was always going to ask-for/get “top CFL MLB” money … one has to think that the $160K offer coming from the then (and until proven otherwise still) woeful RRs played a role as well.

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I only called him a mercenary if he was going to be unreasonable in his demands. He does deserve a very good contract.

Let’s see what Richard feels is a fair contract for an elite MLB like Sankey.

One thing I keep repeating myself is, let’s say I was a hockey player not good enough to play in the NHL, and I ended up playing in Europe, let’s say the KHL or a lower league such as the Swiss League (or to stay in a football context, think XFL or USFL, but I prefer an example similar to a US player having to leave the country to play in a lower league). I wouldn’t care much about winning a championship over there. My biggest concern would be money. It would take many, many years of playing with the same team to actually start caring. So before calling someone a mercenary, or expecting them to remain with a team for whatever reason, I try to put myself in their shoes.

That said, on the bright side, he’s close friends with Lemon (assuming he stays) and he appreciates Fajardo a lot. And I suppose nobody was willing to give Sankey the money he asked for. But I guess his value went up given the impact he’s had here and how much visibility he got in the media during the playoffs.


The Blue Bombers have been to the Grey Cup 4 years in a row with several players taking team friendly contracts.

So I guess it depends on a player’s values. If money for whatever reason is all that important to you, go for it. If it is about team bonding and striving for championships, then that is another option.

But again, I am not pre-judging Sankey until we see how things play out. Hopefully he signs a contract that both he and the team are happy with.


Most of them have been with the team for a while and in the league for about a decade. I also remember that in 2021 many of the highest-paid players had to accept a pay cut because of the financial impact of the Covid, and I think that even applied to all #1 QBs in the league.

Sankey has been in the league for 3 years (edit: technically 2.33 years). Each year with a different team. He joined Montreal two-thirds into the season. I wouldn’t see him going for the highest offer as a matter of values. That’s kinda like a pending free agent in the NHL being traded to the team of his choice at the trade deadline.

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I do think that $168,000 to $174,000 for Sankey is good/affordable by the Alouettes; could go to $180,000 with incentives. He does deserve such a salary. If there is a bonus of, let’s say $15,000 to $20,000, this December, the impact on the 2024 cap would be closer to $156,000.

He will be re-signed before end of 2023,along with Lemon and Beverette.