Alouettes Free Agency

Also agreed … I imagine Stanback MIGHT try to get some sort of signing/reporting bonus included in a reduced contract, to avoid getting nothing if he gets beaten out in TC … DM may not be keen to do so if he feels there is a decent chance somebody else ends up as the principle RB next season.

A mon avis, le dépistage a déjà identifié quelques joueurs à cette position pour le prochain camp d’entraînement.


Not clear to me if I should post this here or the other topic but here goes:
What I’d really like to see us do is sign Hendrix or one of Toronto’s interior linemen to go with Johnson or Mike Rose. On offence, I’d love to see Jevon Cottoy join us. Feel like he was under-used by B.C. and he would really give us a seriously good receiving corps. He wouldn’t command top dollar.

I think Cottoy will cost to much for our need even if he’s a player Identity.

I would go after Neufield before Hendricks personally, I like how McGloester finish the year.


I would go for Ryan Hunter.

I don’t see the urgent need at starting receiver honestly. We’ll have a healthy KJG replacing Harty, as well as presumably Reggie White and Keyshunn Abram. That said, I would like to improve the Canadian depth behind KJG and Philpot.

O-line: left tackle and right guard
D-line: defensive end
Backup national receiver
American running back

Obviously we can’t address all those positions through free agency, but that’s where I see the need for improvements.

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Add Defensive Tackle to that list and I agree

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Yeah, I think we need to either find another good American tackle or see whether Antwine can take the next step in his second season. Either way it’s time to walk away from Sewell.

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Say bye bye to Stanback

The kid was completely under utilized until the post season.

He is a 20 carry per game power back. Toronto will take him and run him right down the gut at Sankey if he decides to resign there.

If I had a chance to advise Will Stanback- I would tell him to review all of the offensive systems- he was done dirty last year.

Brady is in a system that values a back to control time of possession. They killed STANBACK’s stats this year.

He needs to look at Toronto, Edmonton and BC.

GAME CHANGER- living in Toronto we’ll take that hard working, gritty grind it out back all day long. Coach Micky Donovan (ST) was his first CFL coach in his rookie year when he tore up the field as a gunner, returner and then the feature back when Sutton went down and was traded to BC.

He was ST all-star of the East. This year was the only year he wasn’t an all star. He isn’t a fit for the current system.

You don’t know what you have Montreal until you don’t have it anymore. I guess you could always dress Sutton.

My prediction- he tests FA and signs the biggest contract of his career.

I think it’s sad that African American Allstars have been treated badly in Montreal- Kavis Reed, Khari Jones, Henoc Muamba (Canadian), and now Stanback.

All of them getting negative press in the French media weeks before Zurkowsky starts to write about it. It has DM’s signature all over it.

Just an observation-

I am sure that Pinball will be all over this kid- he was key in the Eastern final and check O’Shea’s stats when ahead by 2 touchdowns at the half they are money in the second half and can’t be caught. That 30+ yard romp into the Endzone at the end of the first put the momentum in the game for Montreal and statistically was the most important TD of the game. Ohhh yes please - Stanback all day!

I know BC has interest, Edmonton, if Harris retires or for some reason Ouellette decides to not resign- they will go after him hard. I am sure Orlondo would take a hard look and I can’t believe that Sask wouldn’t look at him.

He didn’t suffer anything he couldn’t have played through this year. Maas simply (as a lot of ex QB OC’s) doesn’t commit to the run and he certainly didn’t commit to Stanback.

He had no media, wasn’t used to promote the team (as a player that has been the best back there since Pringle), frankly, I don’t think DM wants him or appreciates him.

That will change if he signs with an Eastern club especially. RB a dime a dozen….I don’t agree. He is 234 lbs that has been clocked at 4,4 40. It’s simply physics my friend. Good luck stopping him.

My opinion- I love to watch him- he is my favourite player in the league. In his rookie year when he dragged Biggie down the field like a kite- I was hooked. It was unfortunate that Biggies arm was torn out of the socket on the play.

Congrats on the GC win! It was very exciting.

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Stanback doesn’t have to accept a lower salary- he has all kinds of teams with him on their FA board.

This is what DM did to Muamba. Who came home to be with his family. After waiting and waiting to do a deal he was out on the back burner while Ackie was prioritized and signed. Ackie is a great guy and one of the greatest athletes ever tested at a Canadian combine. Henoc was the leader, in my opinion, and as you witnessed in 2022 GC another serious game changer.

When I read the article stating he would have to take a pay cut to stay all I could do is shake my head. What leader thinks that communicating this information in the media is a respectful way to negotiate?

If I was Stanback I wouldn’t give them the time of day. I hear he is a strong character kid though so maybe he will listen.

I love Stanback. Is a good RB and person but I don’t think that’s a correct evaluation of his market value at this point in his career and with his production numbers. Hope I am wrong for his sake.


I appreciate your honesty, but I fear this is clouding your judgement of his market value and utility … reality is that as MOST running backs (absent artificial enhancements) start to decline as they approach 30 and then pass 30.


Welcome to the forum! While I myself disagree somewhat with your evaluation of Stanback – I like his game but he is overpaid relative to his production – your point of view is refreshing.

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Bienvenue sur le forum, ton commentaire sur W. Stanback est pertinent.
En 2023, les joueurs qui sont agents libres ont constaté que certains clubs sont prêts à payer des salaires très élevés pour des joueurs autre que des q.a. Ainsi Edmonton a donné à G .Lewis un contrat annuel de 320,000$.
Cette année, la liste potentielle des demis offensives agents est exceptionnelle, B. Oliviera, A.J. Ouellette, W. Stanback ect…C’est normal que les joueurs dont W. Stanback recherchent le meilleur salaire et chaque club doit gérer ce plafond salarial en fonction de ses priorités.
En contre partie dans ton texte, je désire corriger un commentaire en particulier sur K. Reed qui a été congédié par la CFL qui assurait alors la gestion du club.

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How was Henoc treated badly by the Als?

Sorry but you are wrong on all your above statement.


Yeah, don’t know where this guy is coming from with all this stuff.

As for Stanback, everyone here has stated he would have to take a pay cut to remain with the team.


Hamilton has Butler, a great running back. Not sure they’d take Stanback at his current price tag.

I agree with this, even though I think our run game issues go beyond playcalling and include the O-line itself. There were times this year when I got frustrated with the repetitive runs up the gut on first down that got stuffed because everyone knew they were coming and we didn’t have the horses on the O-line to physically impose our will.

When you see Oliveira or Ouelette get the ball, there is plenty of daylight and many holes for them to hit and build up steam before someone has a chance to tackle them. I wish we had that.

I hadn’t noticed this. It is true that Stanback wasn’t a Maciocia find. He goes back to the Kavis Reed era.

This point about speed and size is well-taken. Stanback doesn’t have the brute power of an Oliveira, certainly. But he’s got better breakaway speed for a back his size than just about anyone in the league.

But he does not have the vision, patience and shiftiness required to be elite.

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