Alouettes Free Agency

Here is the official free agent list released by the league today:

ANTWI Jeshrun N RB Calgary
BEVERETTE Tyrice A LB Stony Brook
BROWN David N OL Western
CHAGNON Frederic N LB Montreal
CIBASU Regis N WR Montreal
ELLINGSON Greg A WR Florida International
ELLIS Avery A DL Temple
EVANS Ciante A DB Nebraska
FLETCHER Walter A RB Ball State
GAGNE Alexandre N LB Sherbrooke
GAGNON Philippe N OL Laval
GIBBON Jesse N OL Waterloo
HARTY Jake N WR Calgary
LEMON Shawn A DL Akron
LYON Nafees A DB Charlotte
MATTE Kristian N OL Concordia
MURRAY Najee A DB Kent State
RICE Landon N OL Manitoba
SANKEY Darnell A LB Sacramento State
STANBACK William A RB Virginia Union
TUCK James N RB York
WILLIAMS Avery A LB Temple

It is a very impressive list. Hoping to keep most of those guys.

Les incontournables :

-EVANS Ciante
-GAGNE Alexandre
-LEMON Shawn
-SANKEY Darnell
-STANBACK William (à condition d’une importe réduction de son salaire)

Les peut-être :

-ANTWI Jeshrun
-CHAGNON Frederic
-ELLIS Avery
-RICE Landon

Les sacrifiables :

-GAGNON Philippe
-LYON Nafees

Les ne sais pas :

-BROWN David
-MATTE Kristian (j’espère qu’il prendra sa retraite)
-TUCK James (le rôle de centre-arrière est très ingrat et difficile à juger)

Heureusement beaucoup de joueurs étoiles sont encore sous contrat. Avant l’ouverture du marché, la priorité de Maciocia devrait être de garder un maximum de joueurs, principalement en défense. Après l’ouverture du marché, la priorité de Maciocia devrait être d’améliorer la ligne offensive.

Agree with most of this list but I would add Gagnon, good serviceable back up to POL, and Antwi, good RB and special teamer. I’ve said elsewhere too that while I agree not all the OL that are FA are coming back, we’ll certainly need some of them back. Gibbons still has potential. We gave up on Jacob Ruby too early and he certainly has gone on to be good.




Maciocia says the plan is for he and running back William Stanback, who can become a free agent on Feb. 13, to meet this week.


Un pas dans la bonne direction, j’espère que ses trois (3) joueurs signeront d’ici la fin de l’année.

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Let’s hope that Beverette, Lemon and Stanky are all re-signed. Will not be surprised if it’s before end of 2023. If there is a note from Joey, it must be because the conversations are positive. Stanback will have to agree to a major salary reduction. I do think that he will return


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Stanback is gonna be 30 yrs next year, time to move on personally


I agree, but he’s such a well liked guy it may be hard for them. And as I keep repeating, lowering his salary doesn’t make him a better back.

They should at least bring major RB competition to camp. And there’s still Fletcher.


Yes I’m not saying this with happiness.

Fletcher is gone for me, bring many RB at camp like they did for WR this year and find a new young starting RB


You’re giving up too quickly on Fletcher. :grinning:

I don’t see a #1 RB in him

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Report: Als GM Maciocia planning to meet with potential FA Stanback

Has also had conversations with Beverette, Lemon and Sankey.


And Antwi.
Having said that, I’m sure a good young A RB can be found for next year.


Good news about Lemon, Sankey, and Beverette. Let’s hope deals get done soon.

Some guy interviewed by Didier on RDS said he’d walk away from Lemon because Uguak is an emerging star. LMAO. I mean, yes, I do think Uguak has star potential, but this guy doesn’t seem to realize that you need two good defensive ends, not one, even if you’re running a 30 front most snaps. I can’t see how you look at Lemon’s production for us and think he’s disposable or replaceable. He contributed individually, he made the whole D-line better, and he made the whole team better (according to multiple players) through his leadership. Being 35, he knows he’s not going to get a long-term deal, so the risk is low if we bring him back for one more year.

Sankey and Beverette, yes, please sign. Key pieces of our defence and they’re still in their physical prime.

I wouldn’t be so quick to discard Stanback. Yes, he’ll have to accept a lower salary, but he is a veteran, a good team guy, effective as a short-range receiver, and he knows Maas’s system. He was a significant contributor in our Grey Cup win despite clearly being injured (left arm was in some kind of flexible brace for the whole game and he seemed to aggravate it late in the fourth quarter).

I would bring back Stanback at a reduced cap hit, cut ties with Fletcher, and go looking for a young American back to understudy and eventually replace Stanback. Alternatively, we could say goodbye to Stanback, re-sign Fletcher, and do the same scouting for a young American back. I wouldn’t hate that option either. It depends on what Maas and Calvillo prefer. Do they want a bruising back (Stan) or a Cobourne-style back (Fletcher)? What fits their system better?


Hopefully your scouts are better than the Lions’. We are still having a tough time replacing Butler.


Ce qu’on entend à travers la ligue, c’est qu’il y a des joueurs qui aimeraient jouer à Montréal.

Danny Maciocia

À son avis, des Américains, des Canadiens de l’ouest du pays et des Québécois ont compris à quel point Montréal pouvait soudainement devenir une option à considérer.

« Le défilé a aidé beaucoup de joueurs locaux, qui jouent ailleurs, à regarder et à se dire que c’est quelque chose que [j]’aimerais vivre un jour. »

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Imagine the Als with a RB like Butler!