Alouettes Football Operations Dept.

Somewhat expanded staff with some new faces and even a Super Scout. Wonder if he wears a cape. Now go find us a DE. :smiley:

Another example indicating Popp has not attended his work the last couple of years. We should have another DF by now. How abour Noel, Devine leading the league in combined net return yards. I like his hustle. How about Paul Woldu's leading in STT this season.

Paul Woldu was offered a contract, he turned it down. He went home to Saskatchewan

Who else has four of their 2013 draft picks starting and playing well for them ?

I don't think its fair to accuse Jim of not doing his job, but that's me. We've had bad luck with Defensive linesmen. Jenkins and Goggin are on the suspended list, Scooter is injured, Moton was injured, Bekasiak retired.

Je vois les choses de la même manière. Cependant, il nous faut deux nouveaux gars sur la ligne défensive, des gars qui vont être capables de donner avec constance une bonne pression sur le quart.