Alouettes festival in Pointe St-Charles

My nephew got a surprise when he arrived on the field to play against PSC on the weekend. The entire Alouettes Game Day crew was there. Strangely no one knew this was going to happen so the kids lost their minds. What a great experience for these kids. I've never heard of something like that being done. Players showed up, they painted the field. Trucked down the inflatable entrance, the dj booth, Cheerleaders and announcer. Just wow...

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It was the first of its kind. Kyries Hebert made the all night trip from hamilton to be there with Brian Bratton.

President Weightman is sounding good right about now.

So your nephew must be a Repentigny Rhino. cool name.

Lanaudiere. He was in the PeeWee game after the Atoms. Sadly Mom didn't know so she didn't bring her camera...They never told the visiting teams !

It was announced on the website a few days prior. I might have gone if not for a nasty flu bug.