Alouettes @ Eskimos

Kind of a big game for both teams.

The Eskimos looked like crap, which is nothing new considering how they ended last season, and the Als, as the defending champs, would like to avoid starting the season 0-2.

Kickoff is about 15 minutes away. Go Esks! :thup:

Kickoff coming up shortly! Hoping for the Als to pull this one out, as the Eskies are a divisional foe, and I picked the Al's in the VGCC this week. Hoping for an entertaining game.

I’m torn, I want the Eskimos to win, but I picked the Als cause I think they’ll win, so if the Esks win, I’ll be happy, but I’ll be 2-6 in the VGCC, and if they lose, I’ll be upset, but I’ll be 3-5 in the VGCC. :lol:

They're starting Borhot against AC? :o This is gonna be a looong night... :lol:

Yeah, I don't give Edmonton much of a chance in this one...i'm thinking blow out.

Looks like the Eskies have an O-line again. I'm sure Ray is happy with that!

Ray got that off pretty damn quick, and that was a helluva grab by Campbell. I thought it was gonna be a fumble when he got hit. Then Whitlock follows it up with an evasive first-down run. Nice!

I don’t know about that… He just got it off in time when he connected with Campbell, and he got hammered on that last play. He tried to get it off quickly, but his O-Line fell apart, he was hit, and the ball wobbled.

Can't say how nice it is to see this team throwing the deep ball again. First to Campbell, and now to Stamps. Two excellent plays. I hope they keep it up. Though it looked like Ray may have been rushed again.

Edit: Just saw the replay, and it looks like the O-Line gave him a bit of a pocket.

Edmonton sure is going deep at least early in this game. Couple of things I've noticed so far, Calvillo even though his team is behind gets WAY more time to throw even with the blitzes on. Ray has made some good things happen but he's been hurried almost every play. Cahoon already has 2 drops this game, to go along with a couple last week, is he playing hurt, or is time just catching up to him? Very uncharacteristic.

Edmonton is still moving the ball well, Whitlock is having himself an excellent 1st quarter. I wonder how much that first miss by Schiavone is going to play into Hall's decisions to punt from around the 40 over attempting a field goal. He barely had enough leg from 37 yards.

The dbacks for the Als look like swiss cheese.
So far, thats two weeks in a row.

It looked like the snap was bobbled on that missed FG. Whitlock is having another big game. He made something out of nothing on that one run. He just kind of squeezed through. :lol: Ray is being pressured, but he's releasing it quicker.

I don't think Ray has gone to anyone but Stamps and Campbell thus far.

Shouldn't be a factor, it was a low snap(it happens) not the kickers fault

i dont know if Ray calls his own plays, or if kevin S. calls the plays, but the play calling for edmonton is excelent!

Why they gotta show the replays? That was gross. :lol: Hope Restelli isn't hurt too bad...

Oh Chip Cox, great player, bit of a bonehead though.

Gotta give the Eskimo's credit, they came to play today. They remind me so much of the Danny Barret Riders it's not even funny. When they are on they can play with anyone and beat anyone, but they follow it up with stinkers a lot of time. It'll be interesting to see how they come out in the 2nd half, I think this is where coaching makes a big difference. We'll see who makes the biggest adjustments at the half. Not a bad 1st half thus far though!

Nice acting job by Duval!