Alouettes embrace the CIS

Jim Popp just announced that the team has invited coaches from nine CIS programs to participate in a full day of the Alouettes training camp and invited the HC of these programs to send one of their QB's to participate in a full day of training camp under Mark Trestman and Brady.

Coaches will participate in the two team practices
Coaches will participate in a video training session followed by a question answer session with Marc Trestman and his staff.

Very proud of the Als for going out of their way for their attention to these hard working CIS coach who instruct half of the talent to the CFL.
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Very happy the Als have taken the initiative here!

I have been in admiration of the club since its rebirth, and see no signs of that changing in the immediate future. I can only hope that when the day comes for successors they can carry these traditions on. the Als are drawing in youth and community interest into the game, and are a shining beacon, setting an example to all the other clubs.


Great idea and LONG overdue!!!

BRILLIANT. Well done.
For a team that has none of its power brokers living in Canada this is admirable.
BC, with its’ GM, HC, OC all Canadians living in the Vancouver area and Canadian ownership, had some initiatives in this area. But Montreal is showing strategic leadership on this.
Still say this remote US leadership in Montreal will ultimately be a killer.

Well done and good on ya, Als!


Considering how short training camp is. This is a meaningful gesture...

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great new approach,

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There's a bunch of interviews with the CIS QBs here (the ones with titles of the form "Alouettes CIS initiative|....")

No question, great idea there in Montreal. :thup: