Alouettes draft preview

À partir d'aujourd'hui, les Alouettes publieront une série d'articles en prévision du repêchage canadien qui aura lieu ce mercredi, le 30 avril.

Starting today, the Alouettes will run a series of draft previews leading up to the CFL Canadian Draft on Wednesday, Apr. 30.

Great piece by Joey! It's nice to get a behind-the-scenes look at how hard those guys are working.

Hey Joey. Very meticulous report. Who has the better chance of being drafted in the first round, the hot chicken wings or the lighter but delicious caesar salad? If you still had both picks would you have selected both?

i disagree with you jbedell.when i come to this site, i expect to get some in-depth draft know, the kind you just can't get anywhere else! and i for one think that abrams report has come up a little short.

i'm left wondering, what exactly did he eat for his second supper on sunday night? were there in fact donuts on the table for that monday morning meeting?

can we get a post draft follow-up piece where the als' scout tells us what might have been if only he'd chosen the mild wings instead of the hot?

What do you expect Joey to write? Let me guess

What prospects he's interested in?
Who stunk up the joint?
What other teams scouts showed up hung over?

It is what it is...
Remember Joey dosen't have to do this.

Well I can tell you right now what he'll say after the draft.

Words to the effect of...."We chose so and so with our pick, and we were just delighted that he was still available when our turn came, we had him rated much higher".

Seems to me every scout says that after every draft, regardless of the sport.

Kind of like a secret handshake LOL!

The absolute worst two articles I've ever seen. What a joke.