Alouettes dismantled buy Argos

This was AC's worst game in ten years.Five interceptions including two that resulted in Argo's two touchdowns,dropped balls and the inability of receivers to get open other than O'Neil led to an Alouette disaster.Change in the QB position to Greene just resulted in one more interception.This was the most inept offensive performance since the Fall of 04 when the Argos demolished the Als in the last game of the season.THey will improve but there remains some questions about the team.THe Als need a long receiver as they have not replaced Copeland.The appears to be problems at defensive end as other than Anwar Stewart there has not been much in rushing or tackles at the other end position.Seeing Baron Miles and Mark Washington play with BC one has to think that with these guys in they lineup they would have won the Grey Cup last year.The Als still have a great defensive club but,as noted,there is a weakness in the receiving area.Also,kick returning has regressed since Landry has not been playing.THis remains a good club but these offensive questions remain.

I agree with much of what you have said.

Copeland aside (although you are correct), the Al's made a huge mistake trading Terry Vaughn for a college draft pick. Defenses struggled trying to cover both Cahoon and Vaughn. Inevitably, someone would be open because of that. Thyron Anderson is far from reliable particularly in situations where he is likely to be decked. Bad Popp for that move!

Truluck is a very good rush end but has been injury prone this year and has lost some discipline, particularly on contain. Kai Ellis is good addition and could potentially thrive there but he is constatly being moved around and can't fully establish himself. Makes me yearn for the days of Elfrid Payton and Grant Carter! :slight_smile:

The defensive secondary has never been the same since Miles and Washington left... particularly Miles who is still amongst the best cover guys in the game and punt blockers.

The return game is still a good one with Colbourne. Personally, I don't think that it would be any better with Landry. The CFL has changed the rules on kick returns which has made it difficult for even the greatest ones to break big ones. I hope the blocking rule changes back to it's previous self...