Alouettes Depth Chart 2023

Cody Fajardo
Caleb Evans
Davis Alexander

William Stanback
Walter Fletcher
Jeshrun Antwi*
AJ Rose
Taku Lee

James Tuck*
Alexandre Gagné

Tyson Philpot*
Greg Ellingson
Reggie White Jr
Cole Spieker
Kaion Julien-Grant*
Tyler Snead
Quartney Davis
Tyshaun James
Keshunn Abram
Trevon Bradford
Trevon Clark
Hasise Dubois
Demetris Robinson
Donald Stewart
Jermaine Wynn
Régis Cibasu*
Kevin Kaya*

Nick Callander
Landon Rice*
Jamar McGloster

Pier-Olivier Lestage*
Jesse Gibbon*
Kristian Matte*
Phillipe Gagnon*
David Brown*
Jakub Szott*
Jalen Burks

Justin Lawrence*
Sean Jameison*
Rodeem Brown*

Jamal Davis
Nick Usher
Natrez Patrick
Nick Heinger
Brock Gowanlock*

Almondo Sewell
Mustafa Johnson
Jabari Ellis
CJ Wright
Akial Byers

Wes Sutton/Najee Murray

Avery Williams
Bryce Notree
Jaylon Alexander
Tyrell Richards*
Chris Ackie*

Tyrce Beverette
Tyrell Richards*
Brian Harilimala*
Rashaad Harding

Jumal Rolle
Ciante Evans
Nafees Lyons
Dionté Ruffin (Did start some games)
Kabion Ento
Karfella Exume*
Jeremy Webb
Kenneth Durden

Wes Sutton
Raheem Wilson
Najee Murray
Treshaun Abrahams*

Marc-Antoine Dequoy*
Zach Lindley*

Chandley Worthy

David Côté*

Joseph Zema

Louis-Phillipe Bourassa*

Canadian = *
Bold = Players with CFL Starter experience


you guys (as in the Als) need atleast 1 or 2 WR otherwise philpot has some big shoes to fill

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Als have been signing newbies them all off-season ... Cole Spieker looked good at the end of the season and Reggie White re-signed (may be an in-season return) ... they know what they need ... whether they make any additions or any newbies work out, only time will tell.

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Well with the ownership change now with the league now running the team and given the greenlight to spend to the cap wouldnt be surprised if they went shopping for players today

And the "leftovers" won't be as expensive.

I mean remember the players unsigned at this point even if they are rumored can always change their mind there is nothing that says they have to sign with that rumored team so anything can happen

Doesn't seem like Geno will

and not certain I want Harris over Fajardo if it costs extra.

Posez-vous la question suivante:

Seriez-vous heureux si Fajardo avait passé les 2-3 dernières années ici et qu’on le remplaçait par Harris?

Je pense que ça dit tout.

Not too many in bold!
They need to make an effort to sign Mike Jones, Greg Reid, Adarius Pickett, Walter Fletcher and another American OT, (Schleuger?)

I love Greg Reid between 2019-22 but with his big injuries at his age… I’m not sure they are still gaz left in him

I would sign a US FA OT before Schleuger. I like Jordan Murray who was with HAM in 2021 and with the Colts PS last year

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This is a huge opportunity for our young receivers to step up. Julien-Grant, Philpot, Spieker, White, and maybe even Worthy are all going to get plenty of balls thrown their way this year.


I think Lewis leaving makes it quite urgent to re-sign Walter Fletcher. With a young and mostly unproven receiving corps, what could help is running lots of two-back sets with Stanback/Antwi and Fletcher and focusing on the underneath game to set up the big play.

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You'll notice I didn't say Schleuger, like I said the others. Just a possible suggestion. I must say though as a general rule I really think the teams should resign their own players instead of reaching out for free agents. It probably results in better team play, but it also gives the fans heroes to cheer for and a reason to buy a player jersey knowing that it will still be pertinent. In that sense I am saddened to see Moore, Wakefield, Money Hunter, Rodney Randall etc let go. People I liked and cared for. And now I fear for Fletcher.

Als sign Greg Ellingson (WR) Old azz, hope he came cheap.

Als sign Cody Fajardo (QB) Why not, let's hope the two statues can call an offense geared to his strengths.

Als sign Caleb Evans (QB) would have preferred Dane Evans

Als sign James Tuck (FB) Can he long snap?

I would not. Fajardo will do well if the oline can give him time and Stanback can make a comeback.

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Still hoping Mayala sticks around.

We've signed a longsnapper too.


Bourassa something? A former Ottawa guy, I think.

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Some of you have pornanly saw it but I updated the depth chart with today's move