Alouettes Demolish Regina

Playing their best game of the year with a contending team,the Als dominated the Riders in every way and obtained a convincing win-they might just be back in the Grey Cup hunt.The Als roared out of the gate and like the teams in past years took a 14 point lead in the opening minutes of this one sided win. Passes to Oneil Wilson and Ben Cahoon,a blocked punt by Chip Cox,a long run by Lapointe followed by up the middle rushes by Edwards and The Als began their most convincing win of the season.The defense shined as The Riders best plays of the game were Montreal penalties.The Riders running game was stopped cold by the Als defense.Philion and Anwar Stewart played so effectively that Kenton Keith was completely shut down and the other members of the defensive team had a very effective afternoon.Calvillo was effective in the pocket and even showed some flash as a runner. His passes were crisp and on target and he called a good game. One wonders why Lapointe is not used more?Lapointe and Edwards could constitute an effective pair if they were both used.Lapointe has speed and hits the line quickly while Edwards is an up the middle runner with great power. Edwards is now over 1000 yards to date.Anwar Stewart has to be an all star this year at defensive end.He had a couple of sacks and showed skill at batting down the Riders QB's passes.In the 2004 college draft the Als with a third pick took a wide receiver playing for Conneticut-Oneil Wilson.Wilson played well in this first year in the CFL then got lost in the system.Wilson has upgraded his game,and with Cahoon is the better of the Als receivers.Etienne Boulay is now getting turns in the defensive backfield and is a whiz on special teams.The only concern of todays play was the many holding penalties on the offensive line. Without these penalties the Riders would have been more quickly blown out.This unit needs to accommodate the newcomers and cut down on the holding if The Als are going to compete in the next few games.The offensive line needs to coordinate their efforts more to allow Calvillo the time he needs in the pocket and to enable the backs to find the holes they need. The Regina Riders were a sad group today.For their sake,I am happy thay they now have Eric Tillman as GM.

I guess I’m one of those gloomy gusses who will always be pessimistic, but I thought Calvillo was inconsistent (the offence only accounted for three points in the second half) and the penalties were atrociious.

Yeah, I'm not ready to celebrate either. Sure, we won, and the defence and special teams played well, but our offense squandered opportunities as usual and we took way too many penalties. Frankly, we were lucky that both Butler and Joseph were banged up. Until we show that we can hang with the top teams in the league (B.C., Toronto, Calgary), I don't see anything for the Als except an early playoff exit.

It was a nice win and I loved watching it, but you're right,we have a long way to go to determine if we are a contender or not.
I think we have the Argo's for the final game which is shaping up to be pretty huge for first place.
I don't think home field seems to be any huge advantage really, but having the week off and letting the Argo's and Bombers fight it out would be great.

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its SASKATCHEWAN not Regina :roll: