Alouettes defense in 2011

Jim Popp did a Twitter exchange with fans back in March, it`s still availalble to read here on the Als site.

When asked by one fan what CFL rule he would like changed, he answered to go back to players being allowed to tryout in the NFL in their option year. Meaning that with imports having to commit to at least 2 years it is getting harder to attract talent.

Back in Dec. on Randy Tiemann, Popp said he has been trying for 3-4 years to sign DT Dan (son of Joe) Klecko who was a 2003 New England 4th round draft choice.

Haven`t heard anything, so I guess Popp is still trying.

What else would we have to base our opinions on, at this point? I didn’t say that Jackson is a lock to make the team, or that he’ll definitely be some kind of crazy game-breaker. But IF he lives up to his scouting reports, he’ll be a valuable addition to the team. Not really sure what you’re on about, frankly.

You're right about ONE thing, we have seen Green and Porter play... 5 or more years ago! They were in decline 5 or 6 years ago; that is why it is difficult to expect great things from them. They are on the downside of their careers, maybe even farther along than that.

And what's wrong about having enthusiasm for other players who do not have a lengthy NFL resume?

Well actually, you said that Als rule...

equal treatment for all. your posts say one thing then later you change to "not really sure what you're on about? hype that's what. lets wait and see before crowning him the next great american DT!!! every spring the same thing then bust!!

Your posts have nothing to do with what I'm writing, sorry. You're obsessed with people hyping a prospect, but nobody's doing so. You should really try reading what other members actually write and responding like a human being, instead of yelling at people for disagreeing with you.

I'm not yelling at you for disagreeing with me. that's just taking the easy way out by you. your telling me I don't know what I'm reading and no one is hyping a prospect. oh really. then you need to re-read your posts. if they aren't hyping jackson then keron williams is a bum!! apparently in this web age anytime capital letters are used in a post it means one is yelling and treating people with disrespect!! I use capital letters for emphasizing my point(s)!! if that irritates so be it!! per kosmo kramer GIDDY-UP!!!

That's right, because in the history of the Alouettes, no american has ever made it through training camp and made the Als roster, NEVER. It is completely impossible... Every single one of them fails... :roll:

from gabe from st. leonard quebec "well actually you said that als rule". wrong as usual. learn how to read before sticking your oar into something that has what to do with you as usual!!!

now gabe from st. leonard being the joker again. yes your right no american has ever played DT for the alouettes!! grow up!!

:thdn: :roll:
:twisted: :thdn:

"enthusiam" yes!! already "crowning" no!! NFL resume as you are well aware has nothing to do with the issue. and nobody expects "great things" but maybe enough along the way to help A.C. and the rest of the als to 3 peat!! every TC the same from you about trestman and all he does is go to 3 GCs and win 2. don't you think by now he knows what he's doing? as opposed to you? as for jackson let him breathe and let us take a look at him before believing the hype on him in the media!! before "we" think he can be our DT because he's 300 lbs with speed. which "we" have seen far too many times over the last 10+ years. it would be nice to see it on the field for the long haul instead of here today and gone tomorrow!! "we" have had more american DTs then back-up QB in the last 10 plus years!! so now that "we" have a good field of back-up QBs just maybe it's time to finally get that american DT to replace keron williams!! oh gabe remind me again where are your season tickets at molson stadium? unfortunately now due to my location I'm unable to continue having season tickets. but have had season tickets at the old molson stadium, autostade and big O. now sadly I can only attend 1 or 2 games a year in montreal. but have attended in person over the years 6 als GC wins 1970, 1974, 1977, 2002, 2009 & 2010 plus sadly losses in 1975, 1978, 1979, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007 & 2008!! along with another GC win hopefully this year!!!!

alsrule, i think all anyone (or i can speak for myself) is trying to say is that is has been a LONG time since we've had a DT that shows the promise that Jackson does. And I certainly hope he lives up to the hype.

at least since keron williams!! and all I'm saying is that "we" hear this every year about some DT that never pans out. so posters beware!!

alsrule, to some degree, you're right. Although last year I don't remember any hype about any DT - primarily because we didn't have any new players (DTs) with the talent that Jackson seems to possess! And subsequently, all of the DTs that were brought on board were released for precisely that reason - no talent. And if you made it to TC at all last year, you saw how some of these bumbling idiots were attempting to play football. Again, I hope talent has been scrutinized a little/lot more carefully this year.

that's why I was really excited just before f/agency began. then barker ruined my dream!! I wanted popp/desjardins machine to sign that HUGE A DT KEVIN HUNTLEY and if they had this whole discussion would be "moot" or "mute"! now which is it now? oh yeah MOOT baby!!!

Nobody is hyping anyone. The scouting reports on Jackson look good, and we’re excited about his POTENTIAL. I must have missed when they passed a law forbidding fans to get excited about prospects before training camp.

getting excited about a suspect that nobody has seen is my point. every TC "we" read the same b.s. about some hot prospect that never pans out!! so wait to TC is start before getting excited! this isn't a CFL free agent or a CFL veteran acquired in a trade etc. that "we" have seen before and can be excited about but hyping a rookie before the fact is dangerous!! but to each their own. GO FOR IT THEN!

Notre défensive a pratiquement gagné une Coupe Grey et on a des problèmes en défense? Je crois qu'une défensive est un tout organique et qu'il faut la regarder dans son ensemble. L'an dernier, la tertiaire des Alouettes a peiné à se trouver un rythme, une solution. Les punitions pour interférence et obstruction fusaient de toute part, et l'équipe était la plus punie de la ligue. Pendant ce temps, la ligne offensive et la secondaire des Alouettes prenait le relai, limitait les gains des adversaires, freinait les poussées. Bowman, Cox et McElveen se rendaient jusqu'au quart parce que Wilson et Stewart en mettaient plein les bras sur les lignes adverses. Finalement, en après-saison, les entraîneurs ont trimé dur avec la tertiaire et tous les morceaux se sont mis à fonctionner en même temps.

Oui, ce serait bien d'avoir un autre plaqueur étoile pour compétitionner avec Bowman pour le nombre de sacs. Mais nos joueurs ne sont pas des deux de pique non plus, et ils ont pu en mettre plein les bras aux Argonauts et aux Roughriders en novembre dernier.

Nos problèmes de tertiaire étaient plus criants et se sont estompés en faisant un meilleur mélange de défensive de zone et de défensive homme pour homme. Avec la venue d'Anderson, l'éclosion de Bekasiak, Guzman et McElveen, la compétition chez les secondeurs (Brouillette, Conn, Davis, Dublanko, Jones, Lewis, Ridgeway), la venue de nouveaux talents (Ihewkoaba, McGhee, Jackson et Jones), les Alouettes sont sur la bonne voie pour bâtir une autre défensive solide.

Inutile de paniquer avec le noyau que nous avons : il est bon et l'arbre donner de bons fruits.