Alouettes defense in 2011

I wonder what the Als defense will look like in 2011. With Burke gone as DC, and Tibesar taking over, will the defense remain similar to what Burke ran, or will Tibesar revamp the defense?

I wonder if Tibesar might change things, like maybe blitzing more, or using a 3-4 defense. He has never been a DC in the CFL before, so we cannot really know what kind of defense he will run.

I am looking forward to seeing Anderson at cornerback, a definite upgrade in my opinion. As much as I like Anwar Stewart, I think it would be good to keep him in a rotation, but find a quicker end who can put more pressure on the QB.

Training camp can't start soon enough!

the pressure and push that keron williams put on the QB from the DT position in '09 still has not been replaced!!

C'est vrai. Et pourtant, on ne peut pas dire que Williams nous a vraiment manqué. Notre ligne défensive a été solide en 2010 et elle s'est amélioré constamment tout au long de la saison. La Coupe Grey a été une de ses meilleures parties.

Également, Williams a eu une saison assez ordinaire à BC. C'est une autre illustration de ce que me fait dire que la contribution occulte de Paul Wilson profite aux joueurs autour de lui.

Je crois que McElveen et Bekasiak s'amélioreront encore cette année et McElveen pourrait commencer à avoir l'impact que Williams avait. L'arrivée de Jackson pourrait également changer la donne. On dit beaucoup de bien de lui.

Je crois que notre mélange de vétérans, de jeunes vétérans et de jeunes à la ligne défensive est excellent.

have no expectations of sagesse other then I hope he's no a. kashama!!

A few posters have touted DT Jervonte Jackson as potentially someone special. Any reasons for this?

Routing around the internet shows him as an undrafted NFL free agent released by 3 teams.

I agree with the posters who werent happy with last years American crop - Taylor Scott was another who didnt impress. Which makes Bekasiaks play all the more impressive.

Voici quelques passages :

Productive college defender with solid upside for the next level. Gets off the snap with a quick first step, immediately changes direction, and displays a closing burst of speed. Works his hands to get off blocks, fluid moving laterally, and chases the action to the flanks.

Played in every game, starting each...led the lineman with 46 total tackles, including six for a loss of 28 yards...had three sacks for a loss of 28...forced two fumbles...was part of a defensive line that doubled the team sack total from 2005... 2005: 11 GP; 0 GS; 18 Sol-38 TT, 4 TFL, 1 SK, 1 PBU, 3 QBH, 1 FF, 1 BLK; Began developing into a defensive lineman of the future...played in every game...tallied 38 total tackles, including 18 solo tackles... 2004: Redshirted...gained valuable experience and size.

Le problème de Jackson dans la NFL est qu'il n'est pas assez pesant. Il ne remplit pas complètement le moule. Ça pourrait être différent dans la LCF.

He's a 300 pounder that can move. We don't have that right now. He's gonna be useful if he makes the team.

we'll see come TC!! the bishop's DT boulay any further on him? has he been signed by anybody yet?

every TC "we" get the same b.s. about a certain american DT!! nix, campbell, simpson etc. off the top of my head. so take a wait and see attitude as to who does what etc!!

Campbell et Smith ont du perdre du poids pour pouvoir se débrouiller dans la LCF. Ce n'est pas le cas de Jackson, d'où un meilleur espoir de son côté. Mais effectivement, il faudra voir ce qu'il peut donner.

He's got to show up to rookie camp in great shape, if he shows up soft , he's skrewed.

A 300-pounder who can move? Gotta say, I'm kind of excited. Just imagine how tough our D-line would be to defend with a dominant tackle inside and guys like Stewart and Bowman on the ends. This isn't a knock on Eric Wilson, but he's not exactly the fastest lineman I've ever seen.

here "we" go again another TC hasn't even started yet but jackson is being dubbed just like in boxing as THE NEXT GREAT WHITE HOPE!! but in this case the next great american DT!!

Nobody is dubbing him the next great white hope but you. We’ll have to wait and see if Jackson even makes it through TC, but there’s nothing wrong with being excited by a prospect.

well your previous posts and others certainly say that.

Say what? That we have what looks like a good prospect on the defensive line? Being excited about a prospect doesn't mean we're getting ready to elect him to the CFL Hall of Fame before TC has even started.

Besides Jackson, there's McElveen, who is quite underrated IMO, and Bekasiak, who continues to improve. Should be a helluva camp.

but that's my point. every TC the same talk then bust. but jackson gets the penthouse p.r. from the fans and porter and green get the outhouse. "we" have seen green and porter play but who has seen jackson play?

Well, that's how it goes. Training camp produces a lot of casualties. Players who look good on paper or in scouting reports don't perform. But again, nobody is giving Jackson 'penthouse PR.' IF he shows up to camp in good shape and grades out well, he'll have a chance at snagging a roster spot. If he doesn't elevate, he'll be gone. Same goes for Porter and Green, incidentally.

Sure, we've seen Porter and Green play ... in the NFL. We should know by now that NFL experience isn't any kind of guarantee that a player will be successful in the CFL.

nobody said NFL equals CFL. your the one who's overboard with jackson. read your previous posts. "300lbs with speed and quickness between #9 and #7 something 'we' haven't seen in montreal". point is you have seen green and porter play whether it's the NFL or the moon but you have never seen jackson play. all your basing your argument on is what you have been reading!!!