Alouettes Defeat Winnipeg!

The Als beat the Bombers in virtually every department (check the stats). The only place we lost was with the refs! The overturned touchdown was clearly in as indicated by BOTH announcers and the ref who was two feet away!The media (pro Winnipeg - did you hear Khari drooling every time the Bombers made a first down?)chooses which replay to show! The CBC chose the one most damning to the Als! Conclusive evidence must be provided to overturn a call on the field! Hello!The same thing happened with Brady's final plunge. He made it! No doubt about it! Which replays were shown to the ref? The one where he looked like he hadn't made it, no doubt! Until the league can prove to Montreal fans that the media and the refs weren't biased - the Alouettes won!

You were so close yet so far. Montreal played a good game. Blame POPP. POPP is the greatest coach Winnipeg never had. You would be in Toronto next week if they had punted the ball. Bombers held Montreal on short yardage three or four times. Why didn't he punt the ball deep into Bomber Territory with less than two minutes to go will have everybody wondering except POPP. Nobody will tell him any different because he is the Coach. All Winnipeg fans can say is thank you coach POPP


We lost fair and square. It was close, we almost pulled it off, but we came up just a little short.

Quit whining.

Quoted for truth. We lost. Winnipeg won. They executed. We didn't. We go home, they go to Toronto. Case closed.

hey man there is a classic saying known in sports. "stats are for losers" now i agree the stats do show favour to the als but the score says different because the bombers made good with their chances and took advantage of penealties, we had one drive where the als commited 2 15 yard penalties in a row.

Only one stat that count and that is the one posted on the score board.

As for blaming Popp, yes and no. I blame more the Oline for not getting the first down over Popp going for it.

Stop whinning about the refs, every team has to deal with them!

the only reason you "I HAVE A POTTY MOUTH" watched your team lose is because Montreal is a crappy team that can't even get a single yard 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Go bombers

I agree that the Als did not deserve to win but that kind of display is uncalled for. Why don't you show a little maturity?

In any case congrats to the Bombers on beating the Argos in the finals and good luck in the big game. Going to be in tough though without Glenn.

This Grey Cup will be good because it is a refreshing matchup. For once, Montreal, Edmonton or B.C are not in it.

It will be great to see the Riders in the big game.

I hope they make it there also next year, I would like to party with them Rider fans!