Alouettes Defeat Bombers!

The Als beat the Bombers in virtually every department (check the stats). The only place we lost was with the refs! The overturned touchdown was clearly in as indicated by BOTH announcers and the ref who was two feet away!The media (pro Winnipeg - did you hear Khari drooling every time the Bombers made a first down?)chooses which replay to show! The CBC chose the one most damning to the Als! Conclusive evidence must be provided to overturn a call on the field! Hello!The same thing happened with Brady’s final plunge. He made it! No doubt about it! Which replays were shown to the ref? The one where he looked like he hadn’t made it, no doubt! Until the league can prove to Montreal fans that the media and the refs weren’t biased - the Alouettes won!

Sorry but I disagree with you on this one, I felt bad for Brady after playing so well, but the Bomber defence played just as well, especially when they needed it most, i agreed with both calls.

Thanks for that information, no doubt about it's importance. I'll give the airline a call and cancel that flight. Do you know where they were supposed to stay for the night as the hotel room has to be cancelled as well?

wipe those tears off your face and stop the crying. Its done with. the Allouettes will be watching the rest of the playoffs fro, their TV screens.

I think the refs did a fairly good job that game. Its too bad you have a retarded head coach that cost you the game. So dont blame the officials, blame Popp.

And if the tummy still hurts try some Alka Seltzer...."Popp Popp fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is...."

WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! c’mon bud there were bad calls both ways get over it what about the first deep pass that should’ve been picked off but #81 who ever he is pulls Bolden away and at that point we were up by 7 and would have taken the ball at midfield if it was a INT or there should have been a penalty which there wasn’t.

Look at the times the refs tried to benefit you guys but thanks to the head ref which had brains over ruled some like that pass that was way over the guys head totally uncatchable and they say pass interference so stop crying and watch the bombers hoist the cup in a few weeks.

This person posted the exact same thing in the Als' section....I won't repeat what I said there but take a look.

This is nothing more than a troll and should be deleted.

Thanks for that redirect. You demonstrated class.

I was actually quite disappointed with the reffing... the amount of holding calls not being called on the Als O-line was outrageous!

ya well thats beena problem all year.

and ya i posted a classic saying “stats are for losers!” i agree the stats favoured the als but penelties favoured us.

...never beating the Bombers all year in EVERY GAME played....did i miss something...I would have to say in the words of a very good Montreal fan, during the year..We don't want to have to play the Bombers again this year ////They have our number....AND YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT STATS. ....they're for ...well you know....i'll let you fill in the rest... :lol: :lol:

I posted this in the Als section and I will post it here

Losing by 2, 3 points, is not very intimadating to Alouettes. Montreal could of beat Winnipeg but they didn't. I personally, thought we had a better chance against Winnipeg, then Toronto.

Either way, with Popp leading the way, I don't think we had a chance at all.

could've's ....should've's...were replaced by didn't...and can't....i think we'll just leave it at that... :wink:

I know a few people from Montreal living in Winnipeg and they sound just like this jerk, a bunch of crybabies when their team fails to beat the Bombers ...four times in a row,....Sorry it wasnt luck or the refs ,your team just got their ass kicked the 4th time, you should be used to it by now.

Fans like you are exactly why I despise the ALS so much, you are going to have a bad season once in awhile expect it, and just appreciate an exciting playoff game that goes down to the final seconds.

Dont put all Mtl fans in the same boat as this troll. You beat us fair and square and the real Mtl fans know it!

Thanks for the clear heads guys, I’m tired of people who try to change reality by catching the big red herring and throwing it into the boat. Wouldn’t it be more productive to enjoy the rest of the games?

3 strikes and your out,
montreal just did not read between the lines you only get 3 chances but we gave them one more shot and you know they LOST. so sad to bad. may be better luck next year.oh yea stop crying so much you'll flood out your city. :rockin:

This thread looked too funny so I had to look.

I have nothin to say here so .............