Alouettes @ Bummers

Trevor Harris making his first start against this D?

Good luck my friend.

I predict a shellackin'.

Otherwise we could go from looking at 1st to staring at 3rd quickly

Christians, meet lions…


Mtl D is fired up

Khari using his challenge in the 1st quarter on an OPI call?

Same non-call as last night's game.

Just seemed early.

Certainly doesn't seem to have helped.

I say Mtl splits their games with Wpg, resting starters or not. They seem to match up well physically with the Bombers.
Feel free to roast me mercilessly if I’m wrong.

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Not a far fetched take at all.

I'll buy it.

Two boring games so far.

Castillo was pretty good here. My lasting memory is his recommendation of putting crumbled Doritos on pizza. You don't forget a thing like that.

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Als sending a message currently.


I'm not convinced Winnipeg isn't trying.

Someone is gonna expose Toronto for the fraud they are. Either us or MTL. Or both

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No matter what happens this will be a Harris talking point the rest of the year.

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Freddy Plesius sighting.