Option 1: Bombers will look to finish this one off before the half and then coast through the second half heading into their FIRST bye week.
Option 2: Montreal will come out strong
as they did last week, but the momentum shift in the 2nd quarter will decide the outcome with the D coming up big and shutting the Als down.
Bombers45-17strong text

My 1st game this year. I heard 30,000+ screaming fans! The D will be flyin!
This one might get ugly.....Montreal's only chance is like last week to force turnovers early & often.
I'd guess a few timecounts by Montreal and 5 sacks. Your score prediction looks good 62.

I always prefer a close game, I don't see that happening tonight.
Montreal's best shot is if most of the Bombers started their bye week early. Likely half of the Bombers will be in there home cities before the Al's get back to Montreal.

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I guess the Bombers left and the Als stayed to play the game?

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You're close. The thing that went 'left' (waaaay left) was Leg's chip shot FG to win it in regulation. Poor Leg's. At least Montreal is happy now. :grin:

Cut that clown

well that certainly went according to plan

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Well this puts a crimp in our plans to host a post game victory party at Liegghio's pad on the back burner. Drat.

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Hold a Wake instead... Besides Wakes are way more fun anyway.