Alouettes/Baltimore Stallions History

Hey folks. This came across my desk and I thought I'd pass it along. If you enjoy write ups about the history and events of our Alouettes & the leagues past, you like this one. It's well done. Photos,videos, interactive charts/diagrams and quotes.

Flash backs a plenty. Re-capping the 95' grey cup. Thought it was funny how officials came in to tell Jim Popp the game might be postponed due to high winds in the bleachers and insurance wouldn't cover it if sh** happens. So unfortunate how the Stallions never got a parade or celebration of any kind after winning a Grey Cup. All they received was "great, how fast can you get out of the stadium".

Enjoy and HAPPY 2014 everyone! Cool to see this place is still jumpin'! :rockin:
Le Chugg.

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Très intéressant! Merci Chugg! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Thanks! Much appreciated!

For an Argo fan, an awesome report.

There’s still a Baltimore stallions fan group on Facebook.

We really need to honor the franchise somehow as this year would have been their 20th anniversary.