Alouettes at Redblacks May 31/18

Didier Orméjuste ???

Drew Willy sera le quart partant demain soir à Ottawa. / Drew Willy will get the start at QB tomorrow in Ottawa. #Alouettes @LCFca @CFL
8:27 AM - 30 May 2018

It doesn't matter how good limp Willy is in training camp; where players can't hit him. When he will face a real defence coming after him, he will be who he always was, no good!

Just give the job to Schiltz and let him learn. Willy is not the future.

Well in Willy's defense he was really good for much of his first season in Winnipeg. Then the sacks and hits beat him into submission. That offense in Winnipeg was too slow in having the QB get rid of the ball. Sherman's will be better in that regard. You may be surprised by him.

Totally agree !

Sherman on his Coaches show this morning said because of only 2 pre-season games the team will continue to be evaluated into the first couple of games of the regular season.

And that will likely be the case with Willy and Shiltz.

This is a whole other subject, but the fact of only having 2 pre-season games is definitely a hindrance to developing the league`s future QBs.

Teams like Wpg., Edm., Calg., B.C., Ott. have great starters, but no young up and coming backups. And the starters won`t be around forever. Injuries obviously also occur.

The only way to really develop young QBs and to be able judge them, is to have them see live action, and 2 pre-season games doesn`t allow that.

Kyries Hebert certainly seems jacked up about this one.

On the Als he was a hard hitting aggressive player. Now that he`s on the Redblacks is he now a cheap shot artist?:slight_smile:

Habituellement on voit une tendance où les équipes locales lors des matchs de pré-saison font jouer leurs partants alors que les visiteurs essayent plus de combinaisons. Ce n'est qu'une hypothèse, mais peut-être que le général Sherman veut envoyer Schiltz comme partant la semaine prochaine pour lui faire bénéficier des meilleurs éléments, et ce contre une formation qui pourrait être essentiellement composée de substitues. Ça l'aiderait au niveau de sa confiance.

Re: QB development. I disagree somewhat about ex. games being the best/only way.
I think the best way to develop a young QB is to make sure they get some regular practice reps. Calgary and BC have always done that.

And to have a package designed for them in games-Chris Jones does that in Sask and in Edmonton.

And obviously there are games that due to score diff where the 2nd guy should get some time.

There hasn't been 4 ex games for quite awhile.

But back-ups, at least in name recognition, seem thin this year. But there maybe a lot of talent that we haven't seen yet.

Willy might be wishing Shiltz got the start.

"It's a pre-season game yes, against a team I spent allot of time with. A couple of guys I wasn’t allowed to hit at practice, (Thursday) I can really give it everything I have"

Willy may make out alright. Typically the first ex game mainly 2nd and 3rd string players.
True test will be the following game and first two or three of the regular season.

Sherman must have seen plenty of game film on Willy. My guess is he want's to see if Willy plays the same as he practices. If he doesn't I think Shiltz will get most of the reps and Sherman can just roll with him going forward. If Willy impresses, he will name Willy starter and start giving him most of the reps for the rest of camp.

Position Chart. WTF? Cameron Posey who was released after mini-camp is listed as a 3rd team receiver.

Mitchell White at Halfback and Greg Henderson on the corner. . . is that a misprint? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

I was at the 1st practice and thats how they lined up. I was also surprised. Well see if it`s etched in stone.

Comparing the off-season roster and the depth chart, there are roughly 20 players that won’t dress. The most known are:G Ryan Bomben-injured-,DB Joe Burnet,DT Alan -Michael Cash, G Kirby Fabien,WR George Johnson,DE Jesse Joseph,LB DJ Lalama and DE Jamall Westerman.

As okie wrote Int. WR Cameron Posey is on the depth chart along with Int. WR Tim Lukas. None on roster.

While each fan wants his favourite team to win, I don’t draw too many conclusions,whether positive or negative, on final results. How a Head Coach plays his veterans,particularly his top QB, may have positive or negative impact on results. In our situation,there is not a top/number 1 QB,yet.

I will have special attention to the QB’s,the DT’s and LB’s,excluding Muamba.

My major wish is that none of our top players will be injured.


While we all know that Int. Tyrell Sutton will be the RB,once the regular season begins, I will also have special attention to the other Int. RB’s,particularly Josh Robinson and William Stanback.


My concern will be the play of the o-line, I can`t just worry about the QBs.:slight_smile:

And one player who seems to have disappeared is National WR Alexander Morrison. Hes still on the website roster, but not dressed tomorrow. And I just noticed he wasnt on the Depth Chart/Roster given out at the 1st practice.

As per day 11 training camp report, Int. WR's tim Lukas-Illinois- and Cameron Posey-Purdue- have been added to roster.

Along with you, Sheldon, I wonder what happened with/to Nat. WR Alex Morrison; seemed so promising last year. So far, his name has never been mentioned during 11 first days of training camp.


Maybe Morrison is injured? I do not remember seeing him at all in any posted photo.

Since Cameron Posey has returned, the Als probably released him originally for some reason other than performance. Perhaps he thought he had a better opportunity elsewhere, some family issue, or simply had passport problems. Who knows.

With WR Tim Lukas, he just signed with the Green Bay Blizzard 2 weeks ago. How then did he end up in Montreal? Coincidence or not, recently released WR Jack Bramswig also came from the Blizzard. It is almost as though the teams had some sort for farm team agreement.

Some strange stuff going on. Also rumblings across the league that the retirement of Cox last season and his "scouting job" was manipulating SMS. Sherman not looking too interested in answering The Zurk's questions.

Enjoy the game.