Alouettes at Redblacks Game Thread, Fri. Oct 24, 6:30pm et

Alouettes at Redblacks
Fri Oct 24
6:30PM ET / 3:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN4 and TSN5

Hi folks!

This game will be some catharsis for the fans in Ottawa after the last few days. Obviously the game takes a backseat to the events that have riveted Canadians.

Oski Wee Wee,


Really glad that they showed the opening and the singing of O Canada. Tonight of all nights ALL Canadians watching would want to see that!

Hank addressed the team and was VERY fired up. Will that be enough to spur the OttRBs to a W?

After driving down the field in an impressive way Hank gets his 334th TD! Fitting that it should occur in front of the loyal Ottawa fans on this night!

WOW, Als challenge for PI in endzone and after the quickest review in the history of reviews, get the call and make it 7-7.

I now wonder how they did not call PI against Tasker early on in the season.

The Als respond with a drive of their own, get a DPI lreview their way in the end zone, and Tanner Marsh scores on a QB keeper. 7-7 game, first quarter.

"Obviously the referee has something against the great Steve Tasker, the former Buffalo Bill special teamer and father of Luke Tasker." - Rod Black

Drink 10.


I was thinking the same thing! They must have been having a MAJOR brain freeze that night! :roll:

OttRBs defense definitely didn’t look too fearsome in that drive allowing the Larks to march the length of the field.

Wallace Miles is down after he fell out of bounds in a very awkward way.

Rod Black name dropping Tom Brady: drink 10 Scotch...

O'Brien in for Hank and tosses a pick on his second play! Well he was trying to toss it out of bounds but Tis picked it off on the sidelines. Now Crompton fires up the crowd with a pick of his own when he overthrows the receiver!

Flags have been flying (and I don't mean the Maple Leaf) and OttRB players are dropping like flies, Williams now down and it doesn't look good!

Edit: Williams was able to walk off the field and was trotting along on the sidelines. MIles made it back into the game too which is good news - maybe,

Crompton threw to Duron Carter; he didn't make the catch, but Rod Black did not tell us who is the father of Carter. He must be off his game tonight

Ah but if Carter had made the catch it might have been a different story! :lol: :roll:

Not sure how long that FG was by Whyte but apparently he is now the league's "hottest kicker". :roll:

He's probably playing his own drinking game...

After the first two scoring drives, the defenses dug in for most of the rest of the half. Whyte with his second FG just before the half and at the break, the Larks lead the OttRBs 13-7. OttRBs STILL taking a few procedure penalties! :oops:

THAT was pass interference!!! :roll: :o Ottawa defender barely touched the receiver but the Larks get the ball almost on the goal line - except for the hand waving by Crompton that draws an OC call!

Larks get the major with assistance from the officials!!! :x

Are you blind or drunk ? :stuck_out_tongue:

OttRBs shooting themselves in the foot AGAIN with FIVE turnovers in less than 2 and a half quarters!! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Latest one looked like a volleyball game off the tips of the OttRB receiver to Cox and Woods! Larks with a FG off the turnover to pad their lead - 23-7 about half way through the 3rd.

Neither :stuck_out_tongue: but I think the officials are!

Let's see if Campbell wins his PI challenge which was NOT called but was far more blatant to me than the one that WAS called on the goal line! And Campbell get the PI call!

Rod says 'Ottawa settles for 3 points, but they would have preferred 7"

I live for insight like that.