Alouettes at Lions 9/8/2017

With Jovan Olafioye in the lineup, the Als face an uphill battle. Without him, the team's chances of winning is zero.

On Sunday, LB Robbie Meade from Kean posted that he is on his way to Montreal to play for the Alouettes. Kean was a QB for the first 2 years in college before switching to LB. As far as I can tell, he had no NFL camp offers. Provided what Kean says is accurate, I would have thought that with so many NFL cuts happening right now, the Als would have gone in that direction instead to find talent.

Joe Mack is doing a "great" job down there in the USA... ::slight_smile:

NFL rosters were reduced to 53 players on Saturday and then yesterday teams could start naming their practice roster players; definitely too early to expect NFL cuts coming to CFL teams this early, unless players were released long before Saturday. It will most probably be next week,at the earliest, before players released in the NFL come to the CFL; I am not saying that none will come earlier, but the majority will wait 1 to 2 weeks.

With regards to injuries, I wonder if Mincy and Sarao are OK.


Int. OL Xavier Fulton has been added to Als roster or practice roster.


Anthony Sarao is likely to miss the next game at BC.

Both Kyries Hebert and Brandon Dozier have practiced at middle linebacker, which says a lot about what management thinks of Nicolas Boulay.

Finally, the projected starting QB for the Lions is Travis Lulay

The Ticats are now only 2 games or 4 points behind the Als, and the Cats have played one less game...

Change of HC, change of QB…

Ti cats were a tweek away from being a good team. This win will make them turn the corner. Chalk up 2 wins for them against us. As for friday popcorn, 2x 750ml tall boys blue dry for 7$ and alot of laughs. Wetenhall would save so much money if he just forfeited the BC games every year.

Even though we lost 42-4 we did some great things out there - Chapdelaine

This man has been around for so long and did some great things along the way. Him taking this job has probably ruined anything he has accomplished.

TSN690 spinning the TiCats win as "doing the Als a favour" because it keeps the Argos "within reach".

Not inaccurate, but I agree the TiCats will get better now; and even if it is only to being an average CFL team it could take them past the Als.

While there are lots of issues, offence is the biggest and even before injuries the concern I had was the play calling. Don't see it as taking the best advantage of either Durant or Sutton.

Not sure what everyone is upset about. We are 6 points ahead of the Atlantic Schooners!

Although they do have a few games in hand.

Were fine then! All is good! :slight_smile:

Besides, our next game is at BC Place. We always win there... :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks like Richard has become a Redblacks fan so I will post this.

From today`s CFL Transactions, QB Jeremy Harris has been cut and OL Jeremy Lewis has been put on the 6-game.

Kavis Reed said in his weekly interview that Philip Blake should be returning shortly.

Reed also talked about wanting to add explosiveness to the team. Rather than signing some star player, he more likely meant the Als would be starting Chris Greaves instead of Jeremy Lewis to allow for an extra import receiver.

Don't worry, Sheldon, I was/remain/will always be a Montreal Alouettes fan. Never was or never will be a REDBLACKS fan or any other team.

I don't agree with many posts on this forum, so I keep quiet. I am not the type to kick someone/an organization when they are down; does not mean that I agree with all the moves, but there are more positive moves than negative. Injuries,particularly to Nat. OL, are unprecedented.


Herb Zurkowsky says because Anthony Sarao is hurt, Brandon Stewart will be in uniform on Friday even though Tevaughn Campbell is still expected to start at cornerback.

In a RDS video clip from today, there is an OL practicing in the background whose number is not listed on the roster. Could be somebody new trying out. Cannot discount the possibility that the Als are looking for an emergency OL from within the team.

Last game, Brandon Stewart was a healthy scratch along with Jovan Olafioye. We now know,unless there is a game time change, that Jovan will play. Brandon Rutley,who was added from disabled, will most definitely be a healthy scratch. Who will be the other, if Brandon plays.?

Since last game, the movements to/from the active roster involving Int. players have been:

In: OL Xavier Fulton.
In: RB Brandon Rutley.

Out: OL Jeremy Lewis to 6 game injured list.
Out: LB Anthony Sarao to 6 game injured list.

The other healthy scratch, beside Rutley, and if Stewart play, will most probably be an Int. DL or Fulton,which I doubt about Fulton.


It looks like Derel Walker is back with Edmonton. Johnny was 99% sure the Als would not sign him, but still, it would have been nice... :frowning: