Alouettes at Bombers game thread

Stinkerville showed up tonight... :thup: :lol:

That's a costly penalty... moves them into field goal range....

Brink, you stink!

Aside from Richardson and Stewart not too many people playing well but we'll take it.

nope it's been a pretty sloppy game.

the Bombers have played 6 sloppy quarters in a row.

Will be interesting to see if they come back out with Brinks. Lapolice not big on turnovers...

I think both defences are playing super. To me, it's not that the 2 offences aren't performing, it's that the defences aren't letting them.

True enough

eh that is debatable, I think Winnipeg's offense is showing its weakness again.

Garrett isn't the answer for Reid and Brink is showing his inexperience.

Second game I"ve noticed Tibesar pulling this; 2nd and long for them, he goes to a 3/4, inserting Brouillette as the 4th LB

Brouillette killed a couple drives on his own :thup:

Bombers are still playing a sloppy game!

Stupid game tracker broken again...

that was just TOO easy..... :roll:

Bomber defense keeps getting caught cheating... serves them ...

Anyone have the current score? I can't find a link online (for those of us not in Canada for whom TSN does not work) and it's broken.

Here you go knock yourselves out.... even the moderator there...

22-6 Montreal.

TSN's power rankings this week are looking even more absurd now. :stuck_out_tongue:

22-6 Montreal; Tridus beat me by seconds

Thanks ...I searched this site before and go figure the search function does not give you CFL live!

And that link lead me to this one: