Alouettes at Bombers game thread

Black excited like a little girl by Garrett's 4 yard run ...

Crowd in “swaggerville” pretty quiet :wink:

Cookies for 10 years !.... Man that's nice people.

That's right Blue Bombers, just keep eating those cookies....Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! :twisted:

Calvillo is not playing well.

Maybe they are ''swagkies* LOL

he's playing good enough to move the ball down the field.

If you look close, he's telegraphing every throw... he keeps it up they gonna intercept him.

well, ya. he's beginning to show his decline.

he didn't do this a lot in the past years. First time that I have noticed he's making some bad throws and bad decisions was this season.. but nobody on TV or in the Papers are taking the risk and making comments about his lack of production.

yes he leads the league in Passing so far but that's just because the Als pass so much. but he's made a lot of pass decisions as well.

sorry Winnipeg but Chris Garrett is not enough for you to go all the way.

you need a proven starting Running back!

Barry Sanders....yeah LOL !

Barry Who??


Als need a score here... they need 28 points to take this game....

Choked again...

Rookie LOL !

oh my!!!... another pick by a Lineman!! TD time!!!

and there we go!... 15-3 into the half..

Bad pass , great catch...

Winnipeg’s huge giveaway/takeaway lead is slowly being eroded week by week…

Well, when you're losers of 4 of the last 5, that will happen.