Alouettes at Bombers game thread

huh, no thread yet.


anyways, hope the Als win! would be nice.

I think Chief is missing somewhere.....Go Als none the less.

In his parents basement passed out?

That's the second time Bombers throw themselves in a ball carriers legs....this is going to turn ugly...

Nothing wrong with either tackle.

Not saying it is ilegal but you go after players legs things turn ugly, always does.

Chief could be down in Tampa Bay with Paolo X; Indy plays there on Monday Night Football.

well that was easy on that TD. seemed like they caught the Bombers Defense totally off guard.

Dix is killing us

Anwar !

Stewart with a nice little INT off a batted pass!

Smart heads up play by Cox... tried to steal the ball instead of throwing Brinx on the ground :thup:


1st screw up by Black!!

"add 5 yards onto that!"

take a drink everyone!... :lol:

Second screwup I think, his first was saying "untypical". My wife is now a member of the club. :stuck_out_tongue:

If your gonna take the no yard, just touch the returner....

the Als look like they're playing a pretty decent game so far...

the Bombers are going to have to convert TDs here if they want a shot at winning tonight.

Actually Brinks is killing us, taking it to Dix, they played better than the Als over the first quarter, except for that one drive by Montreal.

What the?? Another drop??

Anthony Calvillo are you having hand issues?

so neither teams seem to be getting much done.

both struggling to maintain drives here.

are we seeing two struggling teams or will one of them begin to separate here with a TD?

Team that makes less mistakes is going to take this one.