Alouettes at Blue Bombers-Saturday,October 12,2019-16 hours

No news,yet, regarding the 3 A players injured-Ryan Carter,Tevon Floyd and Tony Washington- in last game against the Stampeders. Tony Washington’s injury seemed quite serious. I won’t be surprised if he’s added to 6 game injured list.

Which players will replace these 3, if unable to play?

A OL Kennedy could replace Tony Washington,unless Sean Jamieson is ready to return from injury and the Als go with 4 N starters. Spencer Wilson would move to right tackle.

A LB Jason Hall could replace Tevon Floyd,unless Chris Ackie returns from injury.

A Najee Murray or A Justin Gibbons could replace Ryan Carter,unless he’s OK.

The latest weather report calls for rain and possibility of snow for Saturday’s game in Winnipeg.

I definitely don’t expect the Als to win.


Tony Washington’s season is over. Same with Tevin Floyd who suffered “une déchirure au ligament croisé antérieur”. The good news is that Chris Ackie returned to practice. Opening for an A player. Most probably Chris Matthews.

Ryan Carter is out for a few games and at practice Najee Murray was replacing him.


I think Lalama should get the nod at WLB after his performance against Calgary.

Will be glad to have Ackie back. We’ve been hit pretty hard on defense with injuries. Having a quality Canadian back will give us more ratio flexibility and hopefully improve our coverage overall.

I am not expecting us to win this game. Unless Jones and Slowik make significant adjustments to the playbook for a full 60 minutes, rather than wasting a half of football doing something that isn’t working, Winnipeg will likely roll up big numbers on us again by using Harris as a receiving and running threat and putting Streveler in motion. On our offensive side, we’ll need to make Winnipeg pay for loading up the box to stop Stanback on the ground, by exploiting the intermediate passing game and by rolling Adams out for throws on the run, especially when keyed to read option. Can we beat Winnipeg? Sure, with Nichols out, why not? But I’m just not confident. You can’t play 30 minutes of good football every game and expect to win most of the time. Sooner or later, we have to demonstrate that we know how to play 60 minutes consistently and well. The Bombers are on a mini-slide and are going to be steaming mad about our last encounter, which started their current losing streak (to say nothing of the “Helmetgate” incident between Adams and Bighill). We’re on their home turf. Will be happy to be proven wrong but expecting a decisive loss.

Agree regarding Lalama.
Many don’t expect the Als to win each week…yet they prove everyone wrong. Bombers don’t scare me at all.

Well, the Als are 8-6, and have played a ton of close games (win or lose) this semester, so it’s not like they’ve decisively proven anything. Like I said, this game can be won, definitely, even though it’s on the road. But considering how Winnipeg lost to us last time, they will have extra motivation to snap their losing skid in front of their fans.

Miguel Bujold says Sean Jamieson has returned from his arm injury and practiced with the starters yesterday.

Glad Jamieson is coming back, but Washington being done for the season is a big blow. This makes it even more important for us to get back to a balanced attack, on the ground.

Johnson and Campbell missed practice for personal reasons, and Posey has a virus. Hopefully the latter is ready for the Winnipeg game.

Pierre Vercheval must be reading your posts. He just commented on TSN690 that he would like to see Stanback more involved in the offense.

Vercheval would lobby for rushing plays if I was the RB (I am at best a broken down, nose tackle) … but with a REAL running back in there I totally agree

The AL’s can definitely win this game. Strevler’s only good game has been the Banjo Bowl and their secondary doesn’t look too impressive. If your Oline can dominate their Dline, then it should be an easy win.

Granted, as GH120 pointed out, Verch is very slanted toward the run, but he’s not wrong. Teams get away from the ground game far too frequently in this league IMO. Maybe it’s because most OCs are former quarterbacks, not former running backs, so they think pass first unless the RB is ripping up 10+ yard gains from the opening first quarter. Having said that, I also appreciate Hfx’s point about keeping Stanback fresh for the playoffs, now that we’ve punched our playoff ticket.

“If” though. :slight_smile:

Winnipeg has a ferocious front seven and we are missing our starting right tackle (Washington) to a season-ending injury. We’ll see how it plays out. If we can run effectively and give Adams time to go through his reads, we should do well. Winnipeg’s secondary isn’t a strength for them.

Offensively, we should open this game using Johnson to attack Winnipeg’s perimeter, to get those linemen stretched out and running sideline to sideline, before pounding Stanback inside. Let Vernon settle into game rhythm without putting all the responsibility for moving the yardsticks on his shoulders. Wouldn’t mind some trap-blocking behind HB pitches to Johnson as the pocket shifts strong side or weak side. Nothing tees off defensive linemen more than having to pursue away from the LOS. I’m not saying we shouldn’t pass at all but if we get the ground game established early, it will help Adams find the seams and complete those bigger gains.

Defensively, I don’t want a repeat of the last game against Winnipeg. There is no sense bringing a game plan to the first 30 minutes of a game that categorically does not work and (in the case of Winnipeg) needed a miraculous and improbable comeback in the fourth quarter for us to win by the skin of our teeth. Given that we’re facing Streveler, a QB more comfortable making plays with his feet, and Harris, a bruising RB, we should open the game expecting to stop the run, with a QB spy on Streveler. Challenge LaPolice to beat us in the air where we’ve got a good group of cover DBs. I’d like to see more four-man front from the opening quarter and more aggression on the plays dialed up. Get in Streveler’s face, hit him, confuse him, and pressure him.

On special teams, it would be lovely to not give up big plays, to at least break even on field position, and for Bede to make the field goals one would expect a pro kicker to make.

Ackie back

Story identifies him as a LB but doesn’t specifically say where he will play.

Kennedy Estelle is practicing at left tackle:

11 games with Saskatchewan in 2016 … so not recently game tested … been on PR a few weeks … so some familiarity with the schemes … tiny compared to Washington (6’6", 290 vs 6’7", 318) … but 8 years younger (25 vs 33) … so he was YOUNG for an OL when he played with RRs (22)

Will the Als even get into Winnipeg ?