Alouettes at Argos, Sept. 23

So who is looking forward to game 2 of Coach Kavis' squad? Coach Reed VS Coach Trestman. Seems like a slight mismatch...

We will probably get to see Ricky Ray throw for 400 yards. Also, SJ Green will surely add to his already impressive statistics.

SJ Green, what a great receiver! Too bad we don't have a receiver like that... ::slight_smile:

With a victory, the Als would be within 1 game of the Argos for a playoff spot. Remaining games include one at home against the slumping Eskimos andtwo against the Ti-Cats. However, the Als are winless on the road and could not even beat a Redblacks team at home without their starting QB and Center. Team only outscored Ottawa by 1 (8-7) after Ryan Lindley entered the game. CFL Simulation yesterday gave the Als a 1% chance of making the playoffs.

Didier Orméjuste? wrote today that Philip Blake (who is recovering from a tricep injury) is practicing with the starters.

Alsannounced the addition of 4 to the Practice Roster:

LB Reggie Northrup 6'1" 231lbs from Florida State
DT Justin Zimmer 6'3" 292lbs fromFerris
DB Tyler Williams 6'1" 194lbs from Central Arkansas
OL Anthony Morris 6'7" 300lbs from Tennessee State

Northrup was a decent NFL prospect a couple years ago out of college but has never been invited to a training camp. Zimmer had great Pro Day numbers and has been among the NFL final cuts the last 2 years. I remember Williams' being mentioned around training camp when an independent scout asked publicly for DB recommendations. Scout later told Williams that Uzooma Okeke liked what he saw on film. Argos released Morris after Rookie Camp this year.So for all the players the NFL just discarded, the Als signed just 1.

Insufficient scouting by the Als? Really?! Hundreds of players available, and only one was worth signing?

I do not foresee the Als pulling off a W in TO this Saturday. Butler and Laing back for the Argos.
Wilde having himself a game against the Esks.
I am hoping the Als manage to keep him to around 100 yards.

As for the Als offense. A TD by Durant would be nice. Not holding my breath.

And yes while the Als are technically not out of it, they also have a game in Calgary after TO and they also play in Saskatchewan end of the season.

I do not foresee this team finishing second in the east. It will be between the Argos and RB's for #1 and # 2 in the east.

Fight at practice today:

And there was a small sign of life at practice when linebacker Nicolas Boulay got into a fight — mostly pushing and shouting — with newcomer Reggie Northrup. More words were exchanged when defensive back Michael Carter tackled Samuel Giguere — a no-no in drills.

Herb Zurkowsky says Davon Walls will return to the Active Roster for the game.

I have to ask the obvious. If Kavis has to turn to a 75 year old retired coach to help Durant, what does that say about Anthony Calvillo's abilities?

How do two linebackers get in a fight?

We are so hosed :-[!

79 year old Dave Ritchie will be hired as a defensive consultant! :slight_smile:

Team posted 80 pictures from Wednesday's practice.

Antonio Pipkin and Jalen Rogersare both now on the Practice Roster. Nehemie Kankolongo and Timothy Mitchellwere released.

Als must have salaryconcerns as current players are moving in and out of the Practice Roster every week.

Given their record it could just be shuffling the deck hoping the next deal yields four aces.

Got to feel for Kavis going up against a hot Trestman team.... Easy money wager this one.

If you have aging players, why not aging coaches?

Seems to fit right into the "Old Farts" theme!

TJ Graham is on the active roster. Chris Greaves moves to the 6-game. Brandon Rutley goes to the 1-game.

How bad are we? Lindley looked like jesus last week coming into the game cold, and this week? Pfffft...Ray could pass the all time passing yard record tomorrow...

RB's were going up against the now 9-3 Bombers who sit second in the West.

Third string QB...

You are correct. How bad does that make the Als look.

My expectations were definitely much higher for AC as a coach/influencer. Doesn't seem to be much happening there. Maybe the chaos above his paygrade is the issue, not sure.

Reed continuing his failed mentality of bringing in old friends past their expiration date says nothing about Calvillo's ability, but rather Reed's.

Indeed, it's such a mess right now.. hard to evaluate anyone in the org right now, expect those at the very top.

Difficult to assess a guy who:

  • had NEVER coached anywhere previously
  • is in his 4th season as any type of coach,
  • roughly 2 seasons into being a QBC/OC, and
  • has been learning "on the fly" in the midst of absolute chaos.

As for his ability to influence, in terms of influencing players he has had two veteran QBs who were contemporaries and three youngsters that his superiors decided were not the future; don't know that any issues can be laid at his feet. Sadly he likely should be included if the Wetts decide to clean house and start over from scratch. At most they could ask AC to wait until they pick a GM who picks a HC who decides who he wants on his staff ... but JP/MT may not wait to pounce. If the Wetts do clean hopuse then unlike the past decisons need to be made ASAP ... the GM decision by mid-December and the HC by year-end.