Alouettes are worse than you think

A good story from Herb Zurkowsky of the Montreal Gazette.

Trashes the Als but is very complimentry of the Cats.

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[b]Do you get the sense this is about to turn ugly for the Als? There are plenty of games remaining and, at 2-2, Montreal remains in a threeway tie atop the East Division standings. So there's parity, for now, but the cream will eventually rise. And it looks like the Als' refrigerator is stocked with too much sour milk following this 39-24 defeat.

The coverage is pathetic and the tackling too shoddy. Is Hamilton head coach George Cortez that much smarter than Marc Trestman, his Montreal counterpart? Has Henry Burris suddenly become perfect?

The Tiger-Cats' offence hummed like a well-oiled machine on Saturday, especially in the first half. Only once were they forced to punt. But it was more than that. Hamilton was imaginative and diversified on offence.

Burris? He completed 27 of 30 passes for 360 yards, exploiting the Als' defence with four touchdowns. Do the math. Burris completed 90 per cent of his throws, his quarterback efficiency rating was a mindboggling 156.3 - two points short of perfection.[/b]

In years past, the als had easy wins every time they played Hamilton or Toronto.

If this was still the case, they'd be 3-1 right now after an easy win in Hamilton and with Toronto next, likely 4-1 on the horizon and no one would be questioning them.

Instead, Hamilton beat them up and Toronto is no longer a free-pass. The als could be 2-3 after this weekend and all alone in 3rd place.

Gotta love the East this year.

Hamilton beat us up at home and that is what a good football team is supposed to do. Only 3 weeks ago Hamilton got humiliated in its own house for their season opener. As for the rest Montreal didn’t get 12 to 14 win seasons time and time again by beating up on Hamilton and Toronto. They’ve had winning records against the West most years.

Season is young and Als are sorting some things out. Let’s see your team go win one on the road :wink:

Montreal needs to improve their pass protection and involve Whitaker more in the offensive game plan. But Montreal's biggest weakness is their D. They needed to blitz linebackers/db's to get any pressure on Burris. In the past, Montreal could get that pressure simply with a push from their D Line. And Montreal's db's clearly could not cover Hamilton's receivers. Everybody will blame Reinbold for these problems, but obviously the Als have lost some stars on D and not replaced them adequately yet.

I agree

Also, the Als haven't won in Hamilton the past four games, so obviously we haven't been piling up 'easy' wins in Hamilton recently.

From 2005-2010, the tabbies were a freebie for the als.

I thoroughly enjoyed the win. Yes, it was fun to beat the Als, as it is fun to beat Toronto or any team in the league.

But I smiled more watching our offense click, our defense trully bring it. The ST opening holes for our guys and closing them shut on the opposition.

But my wild enthusiasm remains in check. The season is still young and this team has much more to prove. I still have the view of last season's inconsistencies in my mind. And, I don't expect Montreal to go away and hide. Trestman is too capable for that.

But as the season moves on, and the wins, hopefully, grow, I may be forced to let loose.

I remain faithful that it will happen!!!

Well, first of all, our losing record at Ivor Wynne stretches back to the 2010 season. Second, why were the Cats only a freebie for the Als? Seems to me you could say that about other teams in the league too for the Cats from 2005-2009.

Sadly the Cats were a freebie for everyone from 2005 to 2010 and thats the truth.

Winning is difficult, you have to be firing on all, well most at least, cylinders. The Als do have some issues, especially on D as indicated. Thank you football gods! :wink:

The Al's may be on the way down, but I still would say they are at the very least on par with Toronto. On the plus side, so far it's looking like everything this year is going to be close, even the crossover spot. It makes for great football.


 Not necessarily. I remember watching us hang on at IWS and beat Montreal 44-36 in October 2008 Our QB was none other than Quinton Porter. We did the same thing in October 2009. <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

Bluetees wrote:

“Everybody will blame Reinbold for these problems, but obviously the Als have lost some stars on D and not replaced them adequately yet.”

And if that is the case, then either Popp is not doing his job or Reinebold is not scheming well enough to compensate for it.

Funny, that’s where some were constantly placing the blame for Hamilton’s personnel shortcomings over the last few seasons…

Way too soon to write off the Als. They know how to win and there are plenty of quality players on the roster. AC is still a very good QB, especially in this offense. Trestman is an excellent coach. GM Popp will plug any holes in the lineup just as he's done for many years.

They miss OC Milanovich though and that's part of the problem. But they will get over that.

Having said that, the Cats were full value for their win.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yeah, Barney, I said earlier in this same thread that I expect Montreal to be in the east division battle this season. However, I don't see Brady or Reinebold as adequate replacements for what they lost. Trestman is going to have to be supervisor and head coach this year for this team to be there in the end.

And they better make sure that McPherson is ready because I sense that Calvillo may not be much longer as the starter. Toronto is likely planning for it as we speak.