The dominant defense of Edmonton against the whitacker and Richardsonless Montreal. The Boyd power package added to the control offense and slayshing/receiving RB Charles against a still struggling Defense of Montreal. Edmonton special teams vs Montreals poor all around return and coverage team.
The 4-2 esks and their fans will be AMPED UP for this one. another 40,000 plus crowd at Commonwealth, you betcha.
I can really see the ESKS dominating time of possesion and the game.
All this all adds up to a dominating win that no one would have guests a month ago.

Are you secretly a Montreal fan trying to jinx Edmonton? :o Nothing is guaranteed. It may look like an easy win, but these two teams have a pretty interesting history, including a few blowouts for both teams. It should be a good game. :slight_smile:

I wouldn't go as far as cflsteve, but I'm not expecting anything but an Eskimo win tonight. Good teams win most or all of their home games, especially when facing a team that will be without its star running back, top receiver, on top of missing a starting corner, a solid Canadian defensive lineman, and a versatile Canadian linebacker (Brouillette). If we want to have a shot at winning, defense and ST have to man up and dominate, but I have no reason to think that will happen, only blind hope.

It's going to be an interesting game; Calvillo gets it done as we've seen with the much needed plays with/on the pass; Eskies secondary will get their share of work. The Eskie Defense will continue to give Jyles golden opportunities and thus Edmonton is so close for an explosion of points on Offense, [not sure when though] Crandell/Jyles/Receivers are working towards this on a time patiently basis. This is a good thing I feel as Jyles is developing into a QB [caliber] much different from the rest of the CFL's teams QB's. In other words; Steven has Qualities and talent that is slow on growth and thus the coaches know not to force the issue.

This season has been nearly impossible to pick a winner.
As long as the ref’s don’t make an impact it’ll be a good game.

Cant wait to be sitting at Commonwealth cheering on the green and gold. The Eskimos are way too fun to watch this season.
Heres to a good game, and most importantly, a home win for our Eskies. :slight_smile:

WOW AC rose to the ocasion early and some poor play calling as dmonton seemed to panic and begin to take Jyles out of his confort zone early. Another full week of practice with boyd and Kavis reen will not make that mistake again and Joe Burnett neads to be back to return KO and punts as they lsot field psoiton a lot withut as many good tetruns

When Edmonton got the first point of the game (a single on a punt) the crowd went insane with sarcastic cheering… It was kinda funny. The Esks definitely didnt strap on their balls to play football last night. Looked like a pack of retards with equipment on… Hopefully next week is a million times better. :roll:

It’ll be interesting to see what the injury is with Jyles. They mentioned the toe during the game, and I haven’t looked it up yet. But I think the Esks wasted a golden opportunity to give Nichols some real game time experience. It was pretty clear early on that Edmonton didn’t show up to play football. 21-0 and then 28-1. The game was over pretty early in the third, so there was no reason to keep Jyles out there. If anyone thinks Jyles could’ve led that team to a 27-point comeback, I got a bridge to sell ya. :wink: And as it turns out, Jyles left with a limp, and Joseph had to come in.

Obviously the entire loss can’t be blamed on Jyles, and I’m not blaming just him. But I still don’t think he’s the future, so I’d like to see them develop Nichols more. What’s going to happen if after this season Tillman finally realizes that Jyles sucks? Jyles gets cut (only Tillman’s dumb enough to trade for him, apparently :lol: ), and the 50-year-old Joseph gets tossed into the starting job because the only game time experience Nichols has is pre-season.

So Mr. Reed, the next time the team’s getting blown out in embarrassing fashion, don’t be shy about putting Nichols in. If he sucks, we cut our losses and develop someone else. But we won’t know until he gets some meaningful minutes.

There is mention about [Jyles] a broken toe; from the radio talk show last night....

Really ????????????????

Another case of Gronk - "JELLO" trollism...good enough for ya :o

I agree totally Jyles has not shown any signs that he will be the answer at QB and I do not think that the Esks thought he woud be but he has just looked awful unable to complete passes of more than 10 yards. he has not even been close but the rest of the team looks very good.
I do not understand why they pulled Burnett from returning Kicks and punts he has been able to give the esks such great field position that Jyles only needs to move the team 20 yards to be in Grant shaw field goal range.
It seemed like they decided to take this game off and give them a chance to package boyd and Charles into packages that suit them with leaving burnett out of the return game alltogether was insane. Most starters play on at least one special team due to the small roster size Burnetts just happen to be on the return side instead of the coverag side. With Boyd Charles could stand beside Burntt on KO returns that would be a dynamic pair.

If Jyles is injured and unable to play are they really going to start joseph im not sure he can play a whole game. This could force the esks to play Nickols who at least may have cant be any worse than the accuracy in passes inmore then 10 yards. Jyles is not even using an asset that he does have and that is running.

Jyles is apparently fine and should start next game. The question is: can he be the man in Edmonton? Based on what I've seen so far, I am seriously doubtful that he can be a legit starter. For whatever reason -- injury, playcalling, O-line breakdowns -- he no longer seems willing to run with the ball, instead preferring to stand in the pocket and throw. If that's how Edmonton wants to use Jyles, it's not going to work. He's subpar as a pure pocket-passer, his vision is average and he can't hit any pass of 20 or more yards with consistency, even when the receiver is wide open. If he's to be effective, you need to roll him out, get him throwing outside the pocket and give him the green light to run with the ball if the play is there.

I could not agree more you hit it right on the head as I have been saying the same thing for awhile. He is just unable to throw the ball 20-30 yards down field and he is not even close. I do not know why he is not using his legs more. Him standing in the pocket is not going to work. even on 1st downs when they are passing there are time when there is a running lane and he is not taking it. Even if he doesnt get the 1st down setting up a 2nd and 4 is better than 2nd and 10 where everyone knows he is passing and the 10 yard patterns are taken away.
Run Run Run. Charles, Boyd, and Jyles. Certainly between the three of them there can be a vast combination of 1st down run plays that will gain positive yards setting up better 2nd down situations creating long time consuming drives moving the Chains 10 yards at a time and keping the ball out of the opposing offences hands.
There will be a lot of field goals from gran shaw with this but that is about all that they are going to get with Jyles as the starter.