Alouettes are getting smoked!

Watching the Lions-Als game...Geroy Simon is in all-Canadian form -- 6:50 left in the third, and it's 27-6...Als are reeling!

More after this game...

Oski Wee Wee,

I think its great another team is struggling and just ours

and the Als dont even have Paopao to blame it on either

What a blowout!

Four straight losses by the Als...and the worst home loss in the Molson Stadium Redux era...48-13!

Dave Dickenson has re-aggravated his high-ankle sprain -- they did not skip a beat with Buck Pierce subbing in for him.

Oski Wee Wee,

a backup QB who can finish out a game? whats that?

:? :twisted: :o
Did you all see the look on Calvios face

when the pulled him out.
It seems when he has a bad 1st quarter he seem’s to get rattled and can’t get his act together again.

I have to say it was nice to see:

completed passes
receivers running their routes
good pass protection
a qb who hung in there 'till the last second
a team being a team

Well done had them pumped!

Lions have the 2 best receivers in the league with Geroy Simon and Jason Clermont. Helps too when you have 2 QB's that have the time to get the ball to them.

Exactly rockster!

Sounds like a good place to start for the Cats...the O-line to afford some time and protection for our QB to find those receivers.

And a solid running game.

An Argo fan