Alouettes are done...

The Montreal Alouettes are more or less finished in Montreal…Lame GM & owner plus absolutely no public support.
So, they will probably play 2019 in Montreal then the franchize will move to the Halifax…and tghe CFL is back to a nine team league…this is the real CFL 2.0

You seriously think that Ambrosie will let the second biggest market of the CFL sink without doing anything? It would damage CFL more than anything if it happens during an expansion project.

There’s only so much he can do. BC’s biggest problem is absentee owners; yet, Ambrosie can’t exactly force Braley out.

Hopefully the Montreal Canadians buying the Alouettes rumor is true.

The CFL let Ottawa fold… twice! They also allowed Montreal to fold literally just a week before the 1987 regular season. Do you know nothing of CFL history?

So how 1987, 1996 and 2006 can be compared to 2019?

Because a money pit is a money pit no matter what year it is. Do you think Montreal and Ottawa previously folded because they were profitable?

It seems like you’re allowing the reality you desire to take the place of actual reality.

If the Whettenhal family is looking to walk away soon, I would think the league would take control of the team first. Much like they did with both Toronto and Hamilton at the same time but both found new ownership.

The most recent talk of someone looking at the team was in 2016 when a group lead by Richard Speer showed interest.

I doubt Speer or any group would overpay for the team. Allot of work will need to be done to rebuild it both on and off the field.

If push comes to shove, the league will accept a low ball offer over letting the team fold.

Where did you pick this up from?

It’s the first time I’ve heard of this as well . Might it be asking too much if maybe you could provide a link as to this rumoured buy out from the Canadiens ?

I have not heard of that, altough it is a wish of a lot of people on different forums that the Alouettes changes it’s ownership, due to a hatred for Andrew Wetenhall.

Yup! Baby Wetenhall is incompetent at running a team. >:(

I still miss the Expo’s, not that I want to get anyone started on that.

Montreal is a great sport city very needed by the CFL.

There are obvious differences with the two ownership structures in a very small league where the privately held teams seem to be challenged for support.

Tax payer funded football on the prairies is par for the course and no sweat off anyone’s back.

I’ve been saying for a while that the Wetenhall are not going to absorb losses of 3 to 5 million a year. Ambrosie has done everything they asked to help. Still they now have less than 5000 season tickets renewed. They are writing big cheques every month…

-Split of Grey Cup Profits

  • Football Ops Salary Management System

  • New Free Uniforms a year ahead of time (noticed the white bulk purchase helmets)

I’m only quoting the guy that runs /r CFL on reddit. I tried finding a link myself, but couldn’t find anything so, yeah, take it with a grain of salt.

It’s just idle speculation that the Als aren’t profitable or that the ownership even cares if they lose money. The Als have an exclusive contract with RDS which is reported to lucrative and have strong sponsorship revenue. CFL haters can say the sky is falling but until the owners stop paying the bills, let’s deal with facts, not unfounded theories.

This article discusses concerns of the Als. 3rd section.

A market that's lost confidence in the team's ability to turn things around on the field with no clear direction. The reigime under Andrew has been disasterous.

An ownership group, that has no real ties to the market that may be at the end of their rope.

How soon does the league reach out to potential suitors if not done so already?

It is not because some teams crashed some decades ago that the commish will let teams crash in the future.

The Wetenhall are losing money with the team ( / LCF - La situation des Alouettes inquiète Andrew Wetenhall | but they have never talked about selling, and if the Alouettes are gone after 2019, it would be a huge hit on Ambrosie’s head

You can’t sell a CFL franchise these days. Ie. Braley trying to sell the Lions since antiquity. You practically have to give them away. Ie. Argos/Bell getting an extend of the television contract and some Grey Cups.

It’s more of a case where you can’t get Max dollars selling CFL franchise.

From what I understand, a group led by the Waterboys offered 15 million for the Lions about a year and half ago and it was turned down.

So if push comes to shove, I’m sure they’ll find new owner for the Als but it won’t help franchise values.