Alouettes and Parc Olympic annouce 3 year partnership

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Will be home to their practice facility and office space.

Will also commit to one game per season to play at the Big O during the agreement. Does that include this season?

Edit: Appreciate the clarification RV. Starts in 2018.

Tickets will need to be super cheap to get a good crowd but if done well, this can help elevate the brand.

"The Alouettes are also committed to play at least one game at Olympic Stadium during the upcoming seasons".

No game there in 2017.


As has been mentioned, the best part of the deal is the fact the team no longer has to travel 20 minutes each way in yellow school buses to a separate practice field from their Big O dressing room. It was kind of bush league.

Tom Higgins probably handed out milk and cookies and had the players sing camp songs. And Jim Popp would probably tell the players why he`s such a great coach.

As for elevating the brand, that will take a contending team. Als haven`t shown that so far, hopefully they will down the road.

Sounds very positive no question for the Als organization!

Hope they saved some $$$ on the deal.

Yes, also reported here...

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Hope it's a real boon to the team. A good season, will draw some numbers to the Big Owe.

(A positive article as well...)

Another article related to this...

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While Kavis Reed the personnel guy is still a work in progress, you certainly have to give him credit for improving the Als football operations.

From the article Cool posted:

[b][i]As part of his agreement with Olympic Stadium, a new training and weight room to be used exclusively by the players is being created. Immediate improvements will be made to the locker room and other training rooms. A new production studio also will be created, allowing for the processing and distribution of exclusive social media content for the team.

Again through sponsorship, Reed — with the help of front-office personnel in the team’s downtown business operations office — has arranged for the players to have breakfast before 9 a.m. meetings. When they conclude practice at 1 or 1:30, they can dine on lunch before leaving for home. Reed also arranged for water and air-purifier machines to be installed in the dressing room. While this is the norm for many CFL teams, the majority of which have moved into new stadiums, the Als painstakingly lagged behind the times. This is an opening step, one the organization hopes will help to attract players and keep the ones they already possess.[/i][/b]

Now, if they are going to play 1 game per year , does this indicate they will be able to host future Grey Cups ?

Is the roof issue resolved ?

Nothing in Quebec is ever resolved. :smiley:

There is a heating system on the roof to handle snow accumulation, but I am not certain how much snow accumulation. In any case there has been no indication that the roof situation has been resolved to allow a Grey Cup to be played end Nov. without the threat of it having to be postponed.

The Quebec government says a decision on a roof replacement will be made by the end of the year. And I shudder to think of the time it will take to carry out the work.

Bottom line - no Grey Cup in Montreal for at least 3 years.

Nothing in Quebec gets resolved ?

Not even with all the transfer payments we send from Alberta ? :wink:

Screw the transfer payments, just send us Bo Levi!

He and the rest of the horses will be there on Friday. :thup:

You still believe that BS I see
Alberta does not send 1 cent in transfer payments

...made one little change to your statement...Albertans, just like every individual/business in the country, sends taxes to Ottawa, and it gets divvied out from's an article that explains what ro is saying...

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...still doesn't mean the system is perfect though...

Actually Alberta doesn't sent 1 cent in transfer payments to anyone! But you are right, the system is not perfect