Alouettes add two quarterbacks to the roster


I guess Montreal doesn't want Johnny Football

I doubt anyone does at this point.

Not sure why you would say that. According to his agent, he has so many professional options they can barely keep track of them all.

My prediction for his next professional venture: selling panties that have been worn by his girlfriend.

Sounds far too high class for Mr. Manziel. More likely position is life coach for djrobertson2017.

After Le Johnny let it leak that the Als had met with him and he wanted to negotiate with Hamilton, his dog was dead with the Wetenhall... I think the Als dodged a bullet. They have a nice little roster of prospects to work with now.

But...but...Kavis had a twinkle in his eye?

So that only leaves the possibility of the birth of Kavis Jr. in a few months.

The Als will be set for the future.

Als could sign Bo Levi Mitchell and they wouldn’t have a future until the day Kavis leaves.

So the Als sign 2 quarterbacks named Who and that is proof of the lack of interest in Johnny Footballhead ? If you are looking to sell tickets for 2018 and beyond, then Manziel is a good fit for Montreal . I don't believe that the NFL is going to be knocking on Johnny's door anytime soon .

Here's hoping the Cats get fair value in a trade . ;D

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I'm with you on your first 3 lines, Pat.
But, I think the chances of a trade, or at least a trade for "fair value," have slid down, over the past few weeks, to somewhere between slim and none.

Yup , pretty impressive indeed . A real nice little roster of prospects at QB for sure . :o

Who , Who , Who and Who to go along with Freeman and Willy . ;D

Fugate , Pipkin , Shafnisky and Shiltz ...........Sounds like one of those bad Law Firms you see advertised on late night TV Infomercials . :smiley:

Hey Kent ya better get Kavis on the Bat phone pronto and speed dial his ass . Tell him that the "Worlds Greatest QB of All Time" is available Hoodies , hats and all . 8)