Alouettes ADD ABOUT 5000 seats

My opinion considering our league is that there should be no stadium
under 35,000 seats anywhere so Montreal increasing to 25000 is not enough
Thank you, Gilles

Ur cool

GO troll somewhere else.

Poor Gilles, he tried to buy 32 567 tickets and could not get all his friends in.

Just curious being a Tiger Cat fan that goes to Montreal every year to see a game I was wondering where in the stadium the 5000 seats are being put. I liked the stadium the way it was but I guess the extra money always comes in handy. Still a nice place to watch a game :thup:

The bulk is on the south side stands, and a new section in the east end.

I usually don't try to do shameless plugs for our website Go Als Go...but in this case I will:

We got 4 new high quality pictures of the constructions @ McGill (you might have to register to see them.):

[u]Photos du stade - Stadium pictures[/u]

@Moska68 We added 5000 seats because that's literally all the stadium can handle - it's 5000 or move, and our fans love McGill Stadium so we're not looking to leave!
Thanks for your interest!

Noah, don't sweat it about this Moska68. . . the guy signed up on 12 March, made 6 posts that day, and hasn't been back since.

Isn't there anyway to add a second tier to the other side?

Nope, you cannot build higher due to a bylaw.

@SectionW: You are absolutely correct - it would violate municipal bylaws on max heights of buildings near Mount Royal. As well, even if we could expand that way, the sightlines would not be up to par.

Anyone know if they will have a screen on the second deck, one of those power rings you see in other stadiums?

@hg_robs: For the time being there are no such plans...

Oh thats a shame, I think that would make our stadium world class looking. Will there be some sort of score board on the South Side?

@hg_robs: Just the main big screen in the east end zone and traditional scoreboard in the west end zone.

Just got those from Chuggabunch,

[u]4 new HQ pics from South Side, top of Section U2[/u]

Enjoy !

Thanks Chuggabunch !

well with the fact that montreal sold out every game for how many years in a row? its about time they added more seats IMO

Its complicated...You don't just start putting concrete wherever you want in one of the most expensive and oldest neighborhoods in the country. Took over 3 years to go through the process and that was with little to no opposition.