Alouettes 2024 talk

Félicitations aux Alouettes, pour cette très belle marque de reconnaissance et d’appréciation pour cette dame qui voit à « nourrir » les joueurs lors des pratiques. Elle est une partie de l’âme des Alouettes et de cette grande famille sportive.


Un autre article du 16/05 le site CFL, sur les champions de la Coupe Grey 2023, les Alouettes de Montréal.

Sur le site CFL du 16/05, une projection de la charte des joueurs des Alouettes après 4 jours du camp d’entraînement.

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Given their usual “attention to detail”, I am surprised they don’t have Mack on the chart.

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As I said on the main CFL thread for this, they make zero mention of Tevin Jones and Reggie White, and suggest that Cole Spieker somehow had to beat out Cibasu and Fervius to be in the starting four. LMAO

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Sur les ondes de Radio-Canada Première, Mathieu Proulx a prédit la Coupe Grey 2024 aux Alouettes. C’était à la blague et ça s’insérait bien dans le contexte de la discussion, mais c’est ce qu’il a dit.

I don’t know about a repeat GC but they will compete and be right in there and in the CFL that is all you can ask for. with the small roster, It comes down to injuries and timing.

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Yeah, apart from maybe Winnipeg I can’t say I think any team has a lock on the championship in 2024, or even a lock on appearing in the Grey Cup game. Lots of parity this year. Every team has strengths, weaknesses, and questions.

Have you forgot about BC ?


Nope. To my mind they have as many questions as anyone else. Let some veteran receivers go, have to develop a ground game (they run the ball even less frequently than we do!), Adams has to stay healthy, and they’ll have to survive the loss of Betts.

Sur le site CFL, transactions au 17/05, pour les Alouettes:
Naasir Watkins bloqueur offensif qui avait été signé le 15/05/23 est sur la liste des joueurs suspendus le 17/05/23.


I don’t even think Winnipeg has a lock on the West. They needed to be 9-2 in their division last year. I doubt there will be 3 doormats in the west again this year and they are even older this season and lost some talent on the Offensive line.


Yep, that’s why I said “maybe”. :slight_smile: They have their own issues just like everyone else. That offence will be absolutely fearsome, though.

Comme je ne peut faire un autre texte, pas plus de 3 reply
1 touche T, Jones passe de C Farjado
1 touche R. White jr qui joue même s’il n’était pas inscrit sur la charte des joueurs
L’attaque aérienne joue bien et C, Fajardo passe bien. Outre les receveurs réguliers C . Rambo se distingue,
Au M, Weber et S. Scott se distinguent mais la ligne comprend présentement 3 américains dont un garde, , placement de D, Côté.
Au sol

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Des nouveautés au stade en 2024 dont un nouvel écran géant qui sera installé pour la partie d’ouverture du 20 juin.

Ce texte est disponible en anglais sur le site des Alouettes.

Go Als, Faites du bruit.

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Well, it only took them 4 months to update the English coaching staff page to the current 2024 version, even if they did fail to list Dave Jackson’s new role properly (RB coach). Coaching Staff | The Montreal Alouettes

The French page has had the correct info (including Jackson’s role) for months.

Meanwhile the football ops English page still doesn’t have Desjardins listed.

They really don’t give a crap about maintaining the English pages.

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“They really don’t give a crap…”

That’s a bit harsh, D&P. Tuesday I had a long talk with Joey. He would normally be responsible for updating the website, but as you know he took 2 weeks off before the start of a long season of work. He said that in regular times someone would have covered for him but everyone was already doing double duty preparing for TC. And then once his vacation ended, he has been at St. J with a lot on his plate. He managed to put together two podcasts last week, and reports on each day of camp etc. I love the interviews btw, learning how Tyson P. has adopted Montreal as his new hometown and hearing from PO Lestage the unwanted effects of some of the pregame jitters.

I also told Joey about how lively our forum group discussions are and though he knows about it he hasn’t found time (yet) to dip in an oar.


I love the work Joey is doing, but how long should it take to update the coaches/football ops? 30 minutes? Even the French site should have photos of Desjardins & Brown by now. They had 400 photos from the intra-squad game.

I’ll certainly give Joey credit for keeping the roster updated. Which brings me to ask if anyone knows whatever happened to Charles Rooke, the Als longtime PR guy up until the 2023 season. He seems to have completely disappeared with no mention by the team or any of the media.

Richard & I used to have e-mail exchanges with him about keeping the roster up to date, and he wasn’t pleased with us, using the covid card as his excuse.

Charles left in fall of 2023 for the PWHL Montreal.

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