Alouettes 2024 talk

Uguak might wind up back with the team this year. His NFL deal didn’t include any upfront money.


I remember his having one good season and then quickly going downhill.


Mike Edem too. We got one good year out of him and then lost him to Sask where he played well.

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Before Tyrell Richards can be considered a bust he has to be given an actual position to play. So far it hasn’t happened. But the Als extending him shows me they still have confidence in him.

I think it has been the injuries that have held him back more than anything.

True, important year for him…

Totally agree. The question is what is the position? I see him in the 3-4 set and maybe eventually replacing Sankey. D&P sees him also as an edge rusher.

I also see him as a LB in a 3-4. My concern as a DE would be his getting banged around and being injury prone.

But like I said, the Als extended him & he accepted so there are plans for him. Hopefully Noel Thorpe is aware of this. :slightly_smiling_face:


He’s too athletic to put at defensive end. Let him either be the WLB or MLB.

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I agree the issue is where to play him (apart from his injuries). Our starting LB corps is set and stacked with guys either in their prime (Sankey, Beverette) or not even in their prime yet (Stubbs). You’re not pushing any of those guys out to take a chance on someone.

So either it’s the Jack position or defensive end. I have no idea whether Richards would be effective at DE but he’s got basically the same body type as our current edge rushers, so why not give him a chance there? It’s out of the box, I know, but we have got to find a way to get Tyrell Richards on the field more often.

Even if he could lead the team in ST tackles, it would make the pick viable. He’s like that pretty Italian sports car that looks fast but leaks oil just looking at it. Hopefully he can at least stay healthy to get his game back.

He hasn’t been bad on ST at all. He’s made plays. Injuries and opportunity have been the big roadblocks so far. Let’s hope 2024 brings better things for him.


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Why does everyone forget Avery Williams, a quality MLB whom I already miss.

Don’t forget he is one of the best STers in the league. He shrugs off the guys covering him downfield as if they’re not even there and he’s bigger and faster than they are.

This may seem off-topic, but it is not really. This article seems to say that Bell will erase our saved programming [the headline says TV shows and movies, but the article says everything]. This is a big deal for me. I have most all the Alouette wins of the last several years on my PVR. Plus several of the league’s best games, including a few “perfect games” by Nathan Rourke. I have watched not only the GC but all this year’s playoffs over and over. And even the in-season games in the 8 game win streak. This also permits me to zero in on one guy, like Richards, or Stubblefield or Uguak or Ellis and have a good sense of what they bring to the team that I can share with this beloved Forum group.

My favorite moment, btw, aside from the EF this year and I guess the GC, is Geno’s TD catch in Hamilton two Octobers ago as his helmet rolled on the ground and the stadium went silent after it dawned on them what had occurred.

Sankey essentially took his job, plain and simple. That said, I think Williams has some game left and wouldn’t be surprised to see him sign with another team.

I agree, it looks like there was just no room left on the roster for him. But he is probably a better player than roster holdovers Bryce Notree and Chris Moore (but more expensive) and Avery Ellis (not a LB tho he played that position a fair amount).

He’s definitely better than Notree and Moore at this point in time, but yeah, cap hit factors in. Williams was supposed to be our “star” MLB signing in 2023, so he likely got paid well. Notree and Moore are newcomers on entry-level contracts, while Ellis probably took a team-friendly deal to re-sign with us.

At the end of the day, we can only spend so many dollars at LB. With Sankey and Beverette both getting well-deserved raises, the writing was on the wall for Williams.

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And we need to give a spot to Richard’s

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