Alouettes 2024 talk

Peut-être une prolongation.

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Ce qui démontrerait la valeur de ce qa pour les Alouettes.

In the next 2 to 3 weeks we will /should know if teams exceeded the 2023 max. approved salary cap. I definitely expect that some teams, including the Alouettes, have exceeded the cap, although I doubt that any team has exceeded beyond $100,000.

Comme l’écrit Sheldon, Davis Alexander a probablement signé une prolongation de contrat avec une augmentation.



Si c’est le cas, je ne m’attends pas à une prolongation de plus d’un an. Alexander aurait été idiot de donner plus ne sachant pas s’il aura une vraie opportunité vu la présence de Fajardo. Si ce dernier s’installe comme le quart partant pour plusieurs saisons, l’avenir d’Alexander ne sera pas à Montréal et il ferait bien de regarder ailleurs.

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The battle at American defensive end – who comes out the winner? Lemon and Ellis are obviously all but guaranteed a spot, but both are going to need to be in a rotation, Lemon because of age, Ellis because, well, he’s never really shown he’s more than a good rotation guy and mentor.

So which of the new American faces wins a spot out of training camp?

Justin Ademilola
Kivon Bennett
Jacorey Johns
T.D. Moultrie
Marcus Valdez

Both Bennett and Valdez are listed as DL but their height and weight (Bennett is a bit light for tackle, Valdez a bit short for tackle) seem to indicate defensive end to me. Maybe I’m mistaken.

Johns is intriguing. At 6’4" and 255 lbs, he’s got an Uguak-type build with potential for knockdowns and he’s very young, only 23.

With absolutely no basis at all … I don’t know that I see Ellis breaking camp. or at very least making it past veteran “guaranteed contract” day.

Ellis surprises me too. We let other players go, Tuck, Harty, Rice, Jaimeson etc, who had much bigger roles last year. Danny says he is great in the locker room. Great but on the field?

Je pense que l’appréciation d’Ellis allait au-delà du vestiaire. Si ma mémoire est bonne, on a rapporté qu’il s’est impliqué auprès des jeunes joueurs de ligne défensive en entraînement, un peu comme un mentor pour eux. Quand on voit la saison que Johnson et Uguak ont eue, ça pourrait être une bonne raison pour le garder dans le giron de l’équipe.

C’est un gars qui est capable de replacer comme joueur de ligne sur les fronts 40 et comme secondeur du côté court sur les fronts 30. Je ne suis pas particulièrement en admiration devant son jeu, mais il est un substitut expérimenté qui livre un jeu honnête.


Yeah I just find it interesting that his intangibles off the field seem more important than his play in the field, which again, wasn’t the case for several other players we let go. I just note it as interesting, c’est tout.

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The answer is probably a combination of cap hit, age, and positional need. He likely comes relatively cheap, is only 29, and plays a position where we have suffered a loss (Uguak going to the NFL). Also, he was posting decent stats until 2023, so maybe the coaches feel he can pick his play back up.


Edit: Also IMO it was the right decision to walk away from Harty, Tuck, Rice, and Jamieson. All had reached their best-before date with the team.

Quite possible. Maybe they brought him back as insurance in case none of the new players jumps out and wins a DE spot. But he’s a good guy to have in the rotation. He knows Thorpe’s system well and seems to act as a mentor to the younger players.

At the end of the day, this crew just won a Grey Cup, so I am perfectly willing to admit they know a fair more about their players, team chemistry, needs, etc., than I do!


Agree with you Jocko.

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As am I. My opinion is that bringing Matte back for another year is going to be a mistake, but the team just won the Grey Cup, so I’m putting aside my misgivings and giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Having said that, we started 2023 with Usher and Davis as our bookends, but had released and replaced them by end of year, so nobody’s judgment is perfect. I give them credit for realizing that DE play needed to improve.

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Don’t underestimate second-guessing. It’s what keeps sports talk radio, podcasts, and the billion dollar sports industry going. :grinning:


The Athletic just did a depth chart analysis of the Seahawks. Not much enphasis on Sutherland at safety.

## Safety

Starter: Julian Love, Rayshawn Jenkins
Backups: K’Von Wallace, Coby Bryant, Jonathan Sutherland, Ty Okada, Jerrick Reed II

Love, Jenkins, Wallace and Bryant all have similar skill sets, which might be what Macdonald is aiming for with this new-look safety room (Love and Wallace will be free agents next year). They’re all arguably at their best when closer to the line of scrimmage but can play deep in certain situations.

Much like cornerback, the success of this unit will be reliant on Macdonald’s staff getting the absolute best out of all the starters. But even if that happens, the ceiling here isn’t as high as it is at cornerback, which is why Seattle might have an eye on safeties in the draft.


I do expect us to draft a safety too

Ah yes, safety.

Who remembers Richard Karikari?

What a shooting star he was.

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Well let’s hope they do draft another safety and maybe we see Sutherland sooner rather later.

You forgot us fans! :smiley:
I think without a second round pick Danny will need to take fewer gambles this year. We had two first round picks last year and now neither of them are with us. That plus no second round pick hurts.