Alouettes 2024 talk

Je ne l’ai pas encore entendu donner le crédit à son principal prospecteur (qui est celui qui a fait la différence sur les années précédentes), mais il a gagné ses galons cette année, ne serait-ce que pour cette embauche et celle survenues par la suite.

Si vous parlez de Edmé il l’a fait ici:

Et bien moi oui, à plus d’une occasion dans des entrevues.

Just wondering, is every sign in the Montreal stadium in French and English?

The province of Quebec has a LAW about how to display English and French on signage … no such excuse for Ontario

Merci! Je ne l’avais pas vu. Et merci à CFL_in-QC également.

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This is obviously for down the road, but I would like to see James Letcher worked into the offense next season in certain packages.

They generally do it with most KR … but he can’t ONLY go in on offence when he is going to get the ball … defences expect it.

How do you improve on a GC championship team anyway?

From the feedback we have been getting from players, Maas has established a culture and family like atmosphere here, and all things being equal players will want to stay.

Lemon & Sankey both said today they would like to be back.

And kudos to Maas, he’s come a long way from the guy hurling headsets and Gatorade buckets.


I’d prefer to give those receiver reps to our actual receivers. Keep Letcher fresh for kick returns. Assuming KJG is ready next year, we have no shortage of quality targets for Cody. To say nothing of Reggie White and Keyshunn Abram (if they are around).

*** NOT *** saying they don’t want to be back … but when was the last time a pending FA (on any team) said they didn’t?

The question is whether all the FAs simply want to maximize the money or are willing to stay here at a price DM deems fair.

I am talking about maybe 4-6 snaps a game, getting the ball on 1-3 … and he can spell off a RB as well.

Yep, I get that, but even those 4-6 snaps mean taking reps away from someone else at practice. I don’t mind the odd play to Letcher. I just think there’s a reason teams tend not to do it more than occasionally. One is limited practice time and reps. Two is the need to keep the kick returner fresh.

I certainly won’t complain if they use Letcher as a receiver once in a while.

Call me a crazy optimist but I took this from today’s Journal as a positive sign:

Shawn Lemon, l’ailier défensif ayant fait sensation sous les couleurs des Als, se retrouve agent libre. Il souhaiterait revenir la saison prochaine, lui qui s’est dit très heureux d’évoluer sous les ordres de Noel Thorpe.

Si aucune équipe de la NFL ne lui fait de l’œil, Stankey espère aussi revenir à Montréal.

«Cette option est définitivement sur la table, a-t-il ajouté. J’adore cette équipe et cette organisation. Nous sommes champions.»

Shawn Lemon and Darnell Stankey are 2 key players that have to be re-signed. Without these 2 players, I doubt that the Alouettes would be the 2023 Grey Cup Champions.



From this Leblanc article, it seems possible that the Als may have already made Sankey an offer. Lemon seems totally gung-ho to come back.

Philpot has an option year. Please re-sign him, Danny.

Mack and Snead still under contract, of course, as are Fajardo and Dequoy.

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The Als are in a real sweet spot. Most of the talent are in the first year of a two year entry level contract. Ento, Stubblefield, Mack, Ugwak, Rogers, Abram, Letcher and they have some money they can free up with the retirement of some and release of others. Matte is 38 for example. Ellingson and Worthey have likely lost their spots, there simply is no room on the team for them. There really aren’t many big contracts for Maciocia to lock up. He probably will want to reward Fajardo with an extension and a raise. Sankey will be offered a real deal, would be nice if he took it, but that dude is a different kind of spirit. Shawn Lemon… despite his age, how can you not invite him back, the guy doesn’t even break into a sweat after playing a full game.?


If he is smart he doesn’t offer Fajardo a raise and uses that money to keep a good supporting cast around him. That is where other teams have failed in offering too much much to their QB. Toronto will be weaker next year because it will have less money after Kelly’s big deal, presuming no NFL team is interested.


CFL teams don’t usually like to start a QB in the last year of his deal. So an extension likely comes with a raise, which is likely justified but not a stupid one.