Alouettes 2023 talk

Fair enough. To account for it: Do you think Montreal sent more fans to Toronto than Hamilton sent to Montreal? I was in Toronto cheering for Alouettes and met some great Montreal fans pregame too. Or maybe just freebies. But just maybe more interest. We’ll see how they do Thursday at the outdoor Rally. They got way over a million for the Raptors, if just 1/10 that... :slight_smile:

I expect lots of young people at the rally, whether or nat mnay are Argo fans ... any excuse for a party.

Semi final vs final.

Have you seen Chad Kelly's mom? :kissing_closed_eyes:

Is she anything like "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne

It's one thing for an owner to want to be discreet, it's another to be completely invisible.

If, as Cecchini says, the owners have no intention of selling, why can't one of the owners publicly state so? It would put fans, sponsors, coaches and players at ease.

I believe they are financially sound, honorable people, but they are just not certain whether they want to hold onto the team. With 4 siblings involved, there might not be a consensus.

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I wonder why members of the media and some fans keep bringing this matter constantly. I don't care if I can't see them. The number 1 priority is that the team is well run, financially sound and that budgets for Administration, Football Operations and Players are more than adequate.



Basically an article based on Cecchini saying the team is not for sale and TVA Sports suggesting they don't believe him.

I think it's normal for people to want to know if they are in it for the long term .

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Didier in his podcast said that he spoke with people in the league and what he heard is that they are gonna sell the team eventually but not this offseason

Seing them in person won't confirm if they are for the long run. I prefer the team to be Owned by children of the Estate than a group of 15 to 20 persons from Québec.


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Players too!

If I am a F/A, have an offer from another team and one from the Als (presuming that the offers are almost identical) I am taking into consideration the ownership and stability of the Alouettes.
Would make me think hard about signing with the Als vs the other team.
That's just me.

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The only other franchises I can recall being owned by an estate are the Senators recently, and the Denver Broncos after the passing of Pat Bowlen. They were bought this off-season by the Walton family.

The Als should only be so lucky.

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So this sounds like Maciocia is no longer a HC candidate?

It looks like Gary Stern is no longer on the outs with the Estate if he is heading the negotiations on their behalf.

Now if only they can get Mr. Musk to close Stern's twitter account.

Maciocia says his feelings will be hurt if Stern doesn't give Cecchini the pay raise he's asking for.

You can't make this kind of stuff up.

Now that Danny has received the 30 ahead to hire a Head Coach, I don't expect the processus to be long. I still expect an announcement no later than in the week of December 11,2022.

Bonnes nouvelles le fait que l'harmonie semble revenue au sein des actionnaires; ils ont fort probablement mis "les cartes sur table" et décidé de prendre les meilleures décisions pour le bien de l'équipe.


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I don't know another GM who runs his mouth in the media quite like Maciocia. I hope it works out for us...